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April 2-4, 2016
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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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Get the tools to put it all together at this can't-miss education conference—with more than 200 sessions and five inspirational keynote speakers.

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Short on Time: How do I make time to lead and learn as a principal? (ASCD Arias)

William Sterrett

Reviews  |  Video  |  About the Author  |  Comments

About This Book

There's never enough time. Sound familiar? This might be the most common lament voiced by school principals today. How can we find time to meet students' and teachers' needs, foster ingenuity and innovation, and apply best practices when so much is demanding our attention right this minute?

School leadership expert and former principal William Sterrett comes to the rescue with practical advice on how principals can make the most of their time to achieve real success. Learn how to

  • Balance district, instructional, school, and community events and responsibilities.
  • Communicate about the work of the school in timely, innovative ways.
  • Maximize instructional time by making smart use of transitions and recruiting teachers to build the school schedule.
  • Cultivate professional growth by running effective, efficient faculty and PLC meetings and promoting collegial learning through peer observations and collaborative partnerships.


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See the book's table of contents and read excerpts.

Learn more about ASCD Arias.

Short on Time (ASCD Arias)


Book Details

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October 2013

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Reviews and Testimonials

"Short on Time: How Do I Make Time to Lead and Learn as a Principal? is a must-read for all administrators to ensure they are taking the rights steps to prioritize student learning and creating a thriving school environment. Easy and quick to read (I completed it in about 40 minutes), it was full of practical suggestions that any administrator could implement the next day in their school. I also appreciated that mixed in with the many practical tips were various anecdotes from the professional lives of other principals. If you are interested in going further on this topic, the encore section contains many resources and expands on ideas noted in the book. This section is definitely worth taking the time to peruse. This is book is a valuable addition to any administrator’s tool kit."

—Dawn Imada Chan, consultant, Toronto, Canada

"Dr. Sterrett gives practical, impactful strategies to take control of your calendar and communication to give you the time to be the instructional leader you aspire to be."

—John Bernia, Middle School Principal, Lake Orion, Michigan

"The book discussed time management, tackling your calendar, staff meetings, and communication. Each hot topic was explained, evaluated and then provided a couple of excellent ‘management’ tips."

—Amber Teamann, Technically yours, Teamann blog
Reprinted with permission.

"Once you read this book, you will see that becoming organized, communicating effectively, and prioritizing your day is not as hard as you might imagine."

—Spike Cook, Dr. Cook’s Blog
Reprinted with permission.

"Dr. Sterrett provides an excellent tool to assist those seeking to manage the overwhelming number of tasks asked of building leaders through the use of practical examples and real-life perspectives. In my work supporting school leaders, this is the type of book I look forward to incorporating into our professional development programs."

—Josh Wenning
Executive Director, Region 8 Education Service Center of Northeast Indiana & Indiana ASCD

"[This book] is a practical guide that offers advice and stories about how principals balance district expectations, instructional goals, and community priorities. School leaders will learn about timely and innovative ways to communicate with stakeholders to cultivate and maximize the best teaching and learning environment for their school."

—Thomas W. Taylor, Superintendent, Middlesex County (VA) Public Schools, Scholastic Administrator,  Late Fall 2013 issue
Reprinted with permission.


About the Author

William SterrettWILLIAM STERRETT is an educational leadership faculty member and program coordinator at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. A former principal and teacher, he is the author of the 2011 ASCD book Insights into Action: Successful School Leaders Share What Works. He may be reached at the Watson College of Education, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403; via e-mail at; or on Twitter: @billsterrett.



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