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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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December 13, 2007  |  Volume 3  |  Issue 5 ASCD Home | Online Store
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Informative Assessment
  Blog Watch

The Amazing Race

Read the Education Election blog to find out how U.S. presidential hopefuls are squaring off over education issues.  more

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Looking Back: Assessment

In 1966, some teachers saw standardized tests as "a shot in the arm" that could motivate teaching and learning, but many thought such tests limited students' potential and taxed teachers' mental health.  more

  ASCD Highlights

Healthy School Communities

Healthy schools and student learning and achievement go hand in hand. Learn more about how schools are using Creating a Healthy School Using the Healthy School Report Card: An ASCD Action Tool, a part of the ASCD whole child initiative, to help address issues affecting high-quality teaching and learning.  more 


Upcoming Event:

January 14, 2008
Web Seminar: Establishing and Communicating Learning Goals, Tracking Student Progress, and Celebrating Success 

  Coming Next Issue

Tests That Teach

Now that you've learned more about formative assessments, find out ways to make standardized tests work for your students and for your teaching. 


Informative Assessment 

Frequent informal assessments in the classroom can help teachers determine whether their students are on track to meet learning goals. In the December/January issue of Educational Leadership and this issue of ASCD Express, practitioners offer insight, a wealth of approaches, and practical tips for carrying out formative assessments.

December/January ELCheck out these articles from the December/January EL:

After you've read the issue, join others in talking about it on Inservice, the ASCD blog.


Peer AssessmentA Guide for Using Peer Assessment Formatively and Effectively

With the right preparation, getting students to evaluate one another's work positively impacts achievement and ownership of learning, say Mary Hansen and Anita Iaquinta.  more 

From the Mouths of Students

AP English Literature teacher Kelly Lynn Mulvey lets her students self-assess their work and set their own goals for improvement. As a result, students increase their sense of responsibility, and Mulvey gets added insight into each student's areas of difficulty that she uses to shape her instruction.  more


Checking for UnderstandingUsing Oral Language to Check for Understanding

ASCD authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey offer formative assessment strategies that stress the value of student talk in chapter 2 of their new book, Checking for Understanding.  more 


Exit cardsProbing Student Learning with Exit Cards

Exit cards, which get students to outline key points at the end of a class, give teachers a quick read on student understanding and cues for tailoring the next day's lesson.

watch the video 
read the transcript 


Pete Hall

Lessons Learned at the Dentist

Principal Pete Hall learned about more than his teeth through his recent trip to the dentist.  more



ASPIRE Assessment System

Use ASCD's ASPIRE Assessment System to assist your formative assessment efforts. Internet technology allows ASPIRE to align curriculum and assessments to state and local standards, gives students immediate feedback on assessments, monitors and reports on individual student progress, and identifies effective instructional interventions.

Also see:


"At last we are in it up to our necks, and everything is changed, even your outlook on life."

—Ernie Pyle [WWII journalist]

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