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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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June 11, 2009  |  Volume 4  |  Issue 18 ASCD Home | Online Store
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Questioning Strategies
  ASCD Blog

InserviceThe Window into Green

Environmental literacy has been sidelined in education because of NCLB, among other reasons, says Mike Weilbacher, executive director of the Lower Merion Conservancy. Do you think obstacles exist to teaching environmental education? Join the conversation on Inservice. more ASCD 

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The Future of Education Is Here

This blog offers fresh perspectives on a variety of education topics, ranging from homework to virtual schools. more ASCD 

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Is the Socratic Method Dangerous?

This article from the September 1984 Educational Leadership looks at how using the Socratic method, with its intense process of inquiry and examination, could negatively affect students.  more ASCD 

  ASCD Highlights

ASCD Emerging Leaders

ASCD's Emerging Leaders Program prepares young, diverse educators to seize opportunities for influence and ASCD leadership. Watch this video featuring Emerging Leader Peter Badalament to learn more about the program. more ASCD 

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Science on the Bleeding Edge

As students hone their 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation, how are they being prepared to use them where science, technology, society, and economics meet in the world beyond school? How are schools exploring the challenges of science and society, and are these challenges spurring innovations in science instruction? 

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Questioning Strategies

There is an art to asking good questions. So how can teachers enhance their questioning skills to engage students, assess student understanding, and challenge students to go deeper into content? This issue of ASCD Express offers strategies and techniques for asking questions that stimulate critical thinking and allow students to demonstrate what they know.



Using Questioning Strategies to Stimulate Student LearningUsing Questioning Strategies to Stimulate Student Learning

Elementary school teachers can use the "right there," "look deep," and "I wonder" questioning strategies to guide students in higher-order thinking.  more ASCD 


The Curious Classroom: Answers About Questions

Carefully crafted questions can facilitate teaching and learning. Educational consultant Catherine Rubin looks at ways to incorporate both teacher- and student-generated questions into the learning process.  more ASCD 


Thinking About Questions

Authors Cynthia T. Richetti and Benjamin B. Tregoe advocate for using problem-solving questions to teach students to think critically.  more ASCD 


ASCD Video 

Spiral Questions to Provoke ThinkingSpiral Questions to Provoke Thinking

Spiral questioning helps students think about the content they are studying in a sequence that begins with basic information and moves to higher levels of thinking and understanding. In this video clip, an 8th grade world geography teacher uses the strategy in her class.

watch the video ASCD 


New Voices 

Esther FuscoWhat Was the Question?: Rethinking Questioning 

Effective or strategic questioning engages students in the act of discovery. Education professor Esther Fusco discusses how to rethink the way you use questioning strategies in your classroom.  more ASCD 



Developing More Curious Minds

This book provides guidelines for designing and assessing an inquiry-based curriculum. Educators will learn questioning strategies that encourage students to think, investigate, and draw their own conclusions. 

Also see:

"A prudent question is one-half of wisdom."

—Francis Bacon

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