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2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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Volume 6  |  Issue 4  |  November 25, 2010  
Teaching Boys

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Black Male Achievement

Baruti Kafeli speaks about his book Motivating Black Males to Succeed in School and in Life.


Social Networking


Getting Boys Organized

Who couldn't use some coaching to get more organized? Follow the articles and comments for some practical tips for helping boys, girls—and adults.


Blog Watch:
Why Boys Fail

Richard Whitmire puts passion and energy into his blog that explores factors causing boys to lag in education and how that can affect society.


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The Effective Educator

Research has shown that teacher quality is a significant factor in student achievement. So what does effective teaching look like? How should leaders help struggling teachers improve? What preparation do beginning educators need? This issue will consider how to define educator effectiveness and how to create conditions that enhance that effectiveness.



Teaching Boys


In a number of countries, especially in the West, boys are falling behind girls in academic achievement—whether measured by reading level, National Honor Society numbers, dropout rates, or college attendance. Across racial or ethnic backgrounds, boys are more likely than girls to be suspended from school or be medicated for learning disabilities.

The recent underachievement of boys is real and requires an open mind and a variety of responses, suggests Kathleen Cleveland in her upcoming ASCD book Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School: Strategies That Turn Underachievers into Successful Learners. But don't look to boy-girl brain differences as causing the gender gap, says neuroscientist Lise Eliot in "The Myth of Pink and Blue Brains" in November's Educational Leadership.

This issue of ASCD Express offers practical classroom strategies to better engage, reach, and teach boys.


10 Essential Strategies for Teaching Boys Effectively

10 Essential Strategies for Teaching Boys Effectively Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens, experts on educating boys, outline practical classroom strategies used by schools that have closed the gender gap.


Successfully Teaching Boys:
Findings from a New International Study

Researchers found that lessons that work best with boys use certain elements, including physical activity, games, novelty, self-reflection, competition, and teamwork, to connect to the content in a meaningful way.


Theatrics Cultivates Self-Discovery

English teacher Trevor Thornton reflects on how getting boys to stage a Maori war dance helps break down barriers and opens up students—and himself—to one another.


Tools for Implementation

Refine Your Teaching to Fit Different Learning Styles


Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life   Marching to Different Drummers, 2nd Edition
Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life   Marching to Different Drummers, 2nd Edition

Underachieving Boys:
The Play's the Thing

Underachieving Boys: The Play's the Thing British school behavior expert John Bayley explores how using drama in English lessons can help underachieving boys.

Watch the video


My Back Pages:
Project "Boys" (1965)

Successful men from the community inspire boys with their example at a Delaware school.


New Voices

Why Boys Feel at Home in My Class

Susan Graham These days, boys make up the majority of Susan Graham's family and consumer science class. Sewing sweatshirts and preparing food appeals to a boy's need to make things and connect to the real world, she concludes.


"The reward of a work is to have produced it; the reward of effort is to have grown by it."

—Antonin Sertillanges, French philosopher and spiritual writer
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