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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

Learn. Teach. Lead.
Get the tools to put it all together at this can't-miss education conference—with more than 200 sessions and five inspirational keynote speakers.

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Volume 7  |  Issue 17  |  May 24, 2012  
Best Practices for Teaching ELLs

Revolutionizing the Way We Teach and Lead

ASCD's Summer Conference, July 1–3, in St. Louis, Mo., will include sessions on Classroom Instruction That Works, Common Core standards, differentiating instruction, the Understanding by Design® framework, and more.



How to Implement Common Core State Standards in Your Class, School, or District

ASCD is holding one-day Professional Development Institutes in various locations in May and June 2012. Find out about an institute near you.


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Why I'm Advocating for Direct Vocabulary Instruction

An English for speakers of other languages support teacher explains why explicitly teaching Tier 1 and 2 words is crucial to closing the achievement gap and getting ELLs to a place where they can access Tier 3 vocabulary.


Ten Ed Tech Blogs to Follow

Where teaching meets technology, eSchool News curates a crop of must-read blogs.


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Anchoring the Academically Adrift—Before They Get to College

Research shows that today's college students spend less time studying than they did 40 years ago. And it's not because they're smarter. Despite colleges' apparently decreasing intellectual demands on their students, the number of college students in remediation for English, math, and writing has risen along with enrollment over the last decade. So what should secondary schools be doing to ensure that their students graduate ready to fully take on and flourish in college academics? How can the elements of the intellectual life be nurtured in high school so that students don't later gravitate to the college gut courses—reading- or writing-free classes with easy graders?



Best Practices for Teaching ELLs


The large and fast-growing population of English language learners (ELLs) is reshaping schools and districts around the world and especially in the United States. Although ELLs are outpacing the general school population, they lag far behind in achievement (View and download a full-size version of the infographic.).

This issue includes strategies for drawing on background knowledge, building academic vocabulary and other literacy skills, and planning Common Core–aligned instruction that is accessible to language learners.


Two Challenges in Teaching ELLs:
Primary Language Use and Book Selection

Two Challenges in Teaching ELLs: Primary Language Use and Book Selection When is primary language use not only appropriate, but also supportive of second language acquisition, and how can you help ELLs make just-right reading selections?


Identifying Academic Language Demands in Support of the Common Core Standards

Stanford and California State University–Sacramento professors outline a process for identifying the academic language demands in content-area materials.


Instructional Strategies for ELLs in Mainstream Classrooms

Vocabulary frontloading, nonlinguistic support during direct instruction, and oral language practice can help improve whole-group instruction for your ELLs.


Interventions for Developing ELLs' Oral Academic Language Skills

Take a closer look at how the focused intervention plan for one 8th grader struggling with oral expression in English helped improve his academic performance.


Tools for Implementation

Resources for Educators of ELLs


Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas   Educating English Language Learners, Three-Disc DVD Set
Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas   Educating English Language Learners, Three-Disc DVD Set

Helping ELLs Acquire Academic Language:
A ¡Colorín Colorado! Webcast

Robin Scarcella and Delia Pompa Language acquisition expert professor Robin Scarcella discusses strategies for strengthening English learners' academic vocabulary.

Watch the video


My Back Pages:
Bilingual Education in Texas (1971)

While in recent years, ballot measures to limit bilingual education have succeeded in Arizona, California, and Massachusetts, this article from the EL archives captures the nascence of Texas's Office of Bilingual Education.


New Voices

Small Gestures, Clear Processes Can Ease ELLs' Stress

Jennifer Trujillo Education professor Jennifer Trujillo, originally from Venezuela, recalls her first days in a U.S. school and suggests how schools can help English language learners adjust to a new culture and acquire a strange language.


"The translator knows that nothing the poet has ever said or written reveals as much about him as the expression on his face when he was asked to pose for a picture. He greets posterity with a devilish grin. To the translator's delight, he's forced to repeat the gesture at least three or four times. The camera has no film."

— poet Mónica de la Torre, "On Translation"
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