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April 2-4, 2016
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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

Learn. Teach. Lead.
Get the tools to put it all together at this can't-miss education conference—with more than 200 sessions and five inspirational keynote speakers.

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Volume 8  |  Issue 11  |  February 28, 2013  
Putting Students at the Center

What About Me? Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for Student Success

March 14–15, 2013

In this two-day institute, learn the what, why, and how of culturally responsive teaching strategies and practices using student-centered, culturally mediated instruction; high expectations; and learning within the context of culture.


Mastery Learning Model:
Students in Charge of Learning

Join the coauthors of Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day for practical guidance on giving students opportunities to learn from their mistakes, practice more, and master the material.



Whole Child Podcast

Download our monthly roundtable on how we can work at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.


Make Your Voice Heard in the ASCD Forum

ASCD invites all educators to make their voices heard in an ongoing discussion of the question, "How do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness?" The ASCD Forum concludes April 12. To learn more, join the ASCD Forum group on ASCD EDge®.


Less Teaching and More Feedback?

"Learners need endless feedback more than they need endless teaching," argues author Grant Wiggins.


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Technology-Rich Learning

This issue will look at how teachers are integrating technology with best practices to improve learning in all content areas and to help students create authentic work as they collaborate with peers and experts both in and outside school.



Putting Students at the Center


How do teaching, learning, and leading change when they emanate from students' needs?

This issue of ASCD Express describes strategies for developing self-directed learners and designing curriculum and instruction that is student-centered.


Letting Go of Homework and Worksheets

Role Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom Worksheets, workbooks, practice tests, and any other canned assignments stop students from learning and turn average teachers into weak ones.


Building Skills for Independent Learning

To help students become active learners, educators must teach them such skills as persistence, collaboration, and self-regulation.


Putting Students in Charge of Their Learning

An initiative by Jobs for the Future highlights various ways teachers can help students drive their own learning.


Developing Self-Regulating Learners:
The Critical Role of Feedback

Teachers can promote purposeful learning by asking three central questions that help students become self-regulating learners.


Tools for Implementation



High Schools at Work (DVD with Facilitator's Guide)   Better Learning Through Structured Teaching
High Schools at Work (DVD with Facilitator's Guide)   Better Learning Through Structured Teaching

Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences In student-led conferences, students discuss the connections between their efforts and progress toward learning goals.

Watch the video


Common Core Quick-Start:
Putting Students First

By focusing in on a few key strategies, you can attend to the demands of the Common Core while keeping students at the center of your classroom.


Field Notes:
Three Strategies for Encouraging and Developing Student Voice

Dawn Imada Chan School leaders can take several important steps to incorporate student voice into their classrooms and schools.




Leader Links:
Common Core Toolkit for Principals

Learn strategies and supports for driving your school's Common Core implementation professional development.


"I've never scored a goal without receiving a pass from my teammates."

—Abby Wambach, professional soccer player


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