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November 1, 2011
Vol. 69
No. 3

ASCD Community in Action

Free Resources, Courtesy of ASCD

  • Join other new teachers from around the world on <LINK URL="http://ascdedge.ascd.org">ASCD EDge</LINK>. The platform, supported by ASCD and now more than 29,000 educators strong, is free and open to all. The New and Student Teachers group offers links, advice, and message boards for educators joining the profession.
  • Watch free session archives from the ASCD 2011 Annual Conference in San Francisco. Sessions such as "<LINK URL="http://edge.ascd.org/page/2011-ascd-annual-conference-live-stream-harvey-silver.html">The Strategic Teacher</LINK>" from expert Harvey Silver will provide educators with the tools they need to help all students meet today's rigorous standards. For a list of free sessions, visit the archives at <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/conferences/Annual-Conference/Conference-Daily/2011-livestream-sessions.aspx">www.ascd.org/conferences/Annual-Conference/Conference-Daily/2011-livestream-sessions.aspx</LINK>.
  • Learn how to support the whole child. Check out ASCD's <LINK URL="http://www.wholechildeducation.org">Whole Child Initiative</LINK> for information on how to support the whole child in your classroom. The site features everything from podcasts to blog posts from experts like Mike Anderson with tips for the new school year.
  • Get a jump-start on professional development by signing up for a free trial of ASCD's <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/pdinfocus">PD In Focus</LINK>. The platform provides instant access to hundreds of videos that provide tips and assistance to teachers. In addition, entire channels of content, such as the Differentiated Instruction channel featuring Carol Ann Tomlinson and the Never Work Harder Than Your Students channel featuring Robyn R. Jackson, offer a deeper look into today's most popular topics.

ASCD Launches Health Newsletter

ASCD's Healthy School Communities, an initiative focused on integrating health and learning in schools, has launched a free e-newsletter, Health and Learning News and Updates. The e-newsletter will offer subscribers school health news, free educator resources, and announcements about grants and conferences. The e-newsletter mails every other week and is available through an e-mail subscription. To subscribe, go to www.wholechildeducation.org/newsletter/health-and-learning.
The e-newsletter supplements other resources by ASCD's Whole Child Initiative, including the Healthy School Report Card, which is a school improvement tool with a health and well-being focus, as well as the recently released publication Healthy School Communities Model: Aligning Health and Education in the School Setting, which identifies steps to ensure that health and education play a role in the development of the whole child. (To download the PDF, go to www.ascd.org/ASCD/pdf/siteASCD/publications/Aligning-Health-Education.pdf.)
For more information on ASCD or ASCD's Healthy School Communities initiative, visit www.ascd.org/hsc.

Resources for "Effective Grading Practices"

Exploring Formative Assessment. (2009). By Susan M. Brookhart. Stock No. 109038. Price: $13.95 (member); $10.95 (nonmember).
Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work. (2006). By Robert J. Marzano. Stock No. 106006. Price: $21.95 (member); $27.95 (nonmember).
Grading and Reporting Student Learning Professional Inquiry Kit. (2002). By Thomas R. Guskey and Robert J. Marzano. Eight activity folders and a videotape. Stock No. 901061. Price: $39 (member); $59 (nonmember).
Transforming Classroom Grading. (2000). By Robert J. Marzano. Stock No. 100053. Price: $18.95 (member); $22.95 (nonmember).

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