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May 1, 1999
Vol. 56
No. 8

ASCD in Action

Families Go Online With EL Author James Popham

As a kickoff event for ASCD's new partnership with Family Education Network (FEN), ASCD will host a weeklong online discussion about testing. James Popham, UCLA emeritus professor and an expert in educational testing and measurement, will chat online with parents during the week of May 23–May 28. Popham will discuss what standardized tests really measure. Popham is the author of the lead article in the March 1999 issue of Educational Leadership, "Why Standardized Tests Don't Measure Educational Quality."
The discussion will be available at FEN's Web site (www.familyeducation.com), with a direct link from ASCD's homepage to the discussion.

Affiliate Leadership Conference

The 1999 ASCD Affiliate Leadership Conference, "Enriching and Expanding Our Communities," reflected on the importance of growth, dynamism, shared leadership, common purpose, and interdependence. The conference took place April 23–April 25, 1999, in Chantilly, Virginia.
Keynote presenters included Mark Gerzon, who spoke on "Closing the Divides: Providing Leadership for Creating Vibrant Communities," and Alan November, who focused on "Social and Technological Change: Implications for Creating Dynamic Communities in the 21st Century." In addition, ASCD President Joanna Kalbus reflected on "Spirituality and Leadership," and ASCD Executive Director Gene Carter gave a closing address on "Achieving the Promise of Community."
For more information, contact ASCD constituent relations at ext. 5613 (e-mail: constrel@ascd.org).

Bringing Character Education into the Classroom

ASCD has joined the Character Education Partnership (CEP), a national advocate for character education, in asking the nation's teacher-training programs to prepare future educators to teach such basic shared values as honesty, respect, and compassion.
A call to action, issued by CEP and the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University, comes on the heels of a new national study indicating that schools of education are doing little to prepare future educators to be character educators.
The report, "Teachers As Educators of Character: Are the Nation's Schools of Education Coming Up Short?" was released on April 20 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. For copies, call CEP at 800-988-8081 or visit CEP's Web site (www.character.org).

Brief Takes

Don't forget ASCD's first-ever Classroom Leadership Conference coming up July 8–10, 1999, in Orlando, Florida! Find out what really works in today's classroom, with award-winning teachers from every grade level and subject area demonstrating successful approaches and best practices. For more information, call the ASCD Service Center or visit ASCD's Web site.
If you enjoyed this issue of EL on "Supporting New Teachers," look for our supplemental book, which will be off press in Fall 1999. The book will contain articles from leading educators in the field on mentoring, induction, and comprehensive program descriptions.
The ASCD Student Chapter Program, now in its fourth year, sponsors 32 student chapters throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The mission is to provide and encourage professional development opportunities through localized activities and networking, as well as through cross-constituent communication and mentoring with other ASCD groups. If you would like to reach a student chapter or start a student chapter of your own, please contact Roger Campbell (rcampbel@ascd.org).

ASCD Resources on "Supporting New Teachers"

  • How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed. (1997). Gordon, S. P. Price: $6.95 (member); $8.95 (non-member). Stock no. 61191172.
  • Teaching and Joy. (1997). Sornson, R., and Scott, J., eds. Price: $13.95 (member); $16.95 (non-member). Stock no. 196076. Also available on Audiotape and CD Audiobook. Audiotape price: $24.95 (member); $29.95 (non-member). Stock no. 298232. CD price: $29.95 (member); $34.95 (non-member). Stock no. 598246.

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