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March 1, 2011
Vol. 53
No. 3

Blogging and Tweeting at Annual Conference

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      Over this weekend and into next week, the blogosphere will be buzzing about ideas and content presented at this year's Annual Conference in San Francisco. In addition to session reporting from ASCD staff and interns, look for thought-provoking posts from these education bloggers:
      … and many others! Joining these will be education blogging rookie, Alina Davis, an ESOL K–8 resource teacher in Orlando, Fla., and a 2010 ASCD Emerging Leader. Look for her posts, and others at http://ascd.typepad.com/blog/annual_conference/.
      Also, find out which tweeps will be on site by following our list of Twitterers attending Annual Conference at http://twitter.com/ASCD/ascd11. During Conference, look for tweets tagged with #ASCDAC11.


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