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Lee Ann Jung

Lee Ann Jung


Lee Ann Jung is clinical professor at San Diego State University, and an international consultant providing support to schools in the areas of universal design, inclusion, intervention, and mastery-based assessment and grading. She leads the International Inclusive Leadership Program, a professional learning and graduate program for educators, in partnership with San Diego State University. Having worked in the special education field since 1994, Jung has served in the roles of teacher, administrator, consultant, and professor and director of international school partnerships at the University of Kentucky. She has authored 6 books and more than 50 journal articles and book chapters on the topics of inclusion, assessment and grading, and educating students with disabilities.

Primary Topics

Classroom Management

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Instructional Strategies

The Difference Between Accommodations and Modifications

7 years ago

Instructional Strategies

Defining a Culture of Inclusion

7 years ago

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