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October 30 - November 1, 2015
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Conference on Educational Leadership

Conference on Educational Leadership

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September 2015 | Volume 73 | Number 1

Questioning for Learning

Feature Articles

Perspectives / The Species That Asks

Marge Scherer

How to ask better questions and find better answers.

How to Make Your Questions Essential

Grant Wiggins and Denise Wilbur

Essential questions has become a byword in education. Try these seven ways to turn your first-draft questions into better ones.

Who's Asking?

Alfie Kohn

Why we must help students grow increasingly resourceful at figuring things out.

What Children Learn from Questioning

Paul Harris

Some say we should let kids answer their own questions. Yet students' intellectual growth thrives on thoughtful answers.

Let's Switch Questioning Around

Cris Tovani

How to help kids think about the books they read.

Making the Most of Multiple Choice

Susan M. Brookhart

Well-written multiple-choice questions can be powerful formative assessments for learning.

Designing Great Hinge Questions

Dylan Wiliam

Inserted in the middle of the lesson, the hinge question helps a teacher decide whether to move forward or back.

A New Rhythm for Responding

Jackie Acree Walsh and Beth Dankert Sattes

Instituting a pause for think time holds students responsible for actively listening and responding to their peers.

Can We Talk?

Susan Engel

Adults are kids' best information sources when they converse naturally with them.

Predicting Student Misconceptions in Science

Jaunine Fouché

Tools to help you tease out students' misunderstanding and lead them to deeper learning.

Five Strategies for Questioning with Intention

Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick

The art of designing and posing questions for each learning goal.

Making Questions Flow

Dan Rothstein, Luz Santana and Andrew P. Minigan

A technique for getting students to open the floodgates of their imaginations.

Columns / Departments

Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Research Says / Help Students Train Their Inner Voice

Bryan Goodwin and Heather Hein

It's the voice in our heads that assesses where we are with our learning.

The Techy Teacher / More Than a Google Search

Catlin Tucker

In this debut column, Catlin Tucker discusses how to reboot student research.

Show & Tell: A Video Column / Fostering Critical Thinking About Texts

Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey

This protocol guides students to read closely. Watch the video.

Principal Connection / Choose Your Yardstick

Thomas R. Hoerr

September is the time to determine how your school will pursue its values.

One to Grow On / Teaching That Spurs Thinking

Carol Ann Tomlinson

How do we make learning more alive for students?

EL Takeaways

Quotable Quotes About Questioning


Asking to Learn

Wendy L. Ostroff

Top creative minds have a trait in common: They ask questions.

Beyond the Right Answer

Allison Hintz, Lynsey Gibbons and Melinda Knapp

Asking What do you understand so far? helps students think through math problems.

EL Study Guide

Naomi Thiers

InService Guest Bloggers

Jackie Acree Walsh and Dan Rothstein

EL Video

Dan Rothstein, codirector of the Right Question Institute, discusses the great benefits that come to students—and teachers—when students learn to ask their own questions.