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April 2-4, 2016
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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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February 2016 | Volume 73 | Number 5

Helping ELLs Excel

Feature Articles

The Promise of Two-Language Education

Ilana M. Umansky, Rachel A. Valentino and Sean F. Reardon

What research says about one of the most effective approaches for ELLs.

Engaging Your Beginners

Jane Hill

Here's how to avoid missteps with beginning-level English learners.

Let Them Talk!

Wayne E. Wright

Strategies and programs that build oral language proficiency.

The Teachers Our English Language Learners Need

Patricia Gándara and Lucrecia Santibañez

Overcoming the teacher-quality gap for ELLs begins with acknowledging that teachers need special skills.

The Write Stuff

Carol Booth Olson, Robin Scarcella and Tina Matuchniak

What it takes to help ELLs undertake challenging writing tasks.

Getting to Know ELLs' Families

Lydia Breiseth

How to break down barriers and overcome hurdles to meaningful communication.

Let Social Interaction Flourish

Anny Fritzen Case

How to encourage socialization among kids who speak different languages.

A Lesson in Taking Flight

Kristina Robertson

How to give specific, helpful feedback about language usage.

Ten (Usually Wrong) Ideas about ELLs

Barbara Gottschalk

Here's what to say to correct misguided assumptions and further a better understanding of ELLs.

Empathy Is the Gateway

David R. M. Saavedra

A high school teacher puts himself in his English learners' shoes.

Co-Teaching to Support ELLs

Anne Beninghof and Mandy Leensvaart

A co-teaching model helped move a school from "improvement" status to "exceeds."

Libraries at the Ready

Donna C. Celano and Susan B. Neuman

No longer places to shush children, public libraries encourage families to play, talk, and read together.

Amplifying Their Voices

Kevin Roxas and María L. Gabriel

A photovoice project provides a way for ELLs to share their stories.

Columns / Departments

Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Research Says / Tap ELLs' Strengths to Spur Success

Bryan Goodwin and Heather Hein

ELLs are engaged in an amazing feat: learning another language.

Show & Tell: A Video Column / Setting Clear Learning Purposes for ELLs

Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey

Make the classroom friendlier by clarifying your objectives. Watch the video.

The Techy Teacher / More Diversity Demands New Approaches

Catlin Tucker

Two techy ways to provide differentiated support.

Principal Connection / Teeming Teamwork

Thomas R. Hoerr

The best solution is one that everyone owns.

One to Grow On / If I Were an ELL …

Carol Ann Tomlinson

If you were new to a language, what kind of classroom would you like?

EL Takeaways

Eight Lessons About Language Learning


A Whole-School Approach to English Learners

Margarita Calderón

A systemwide program that offers in-depth reading and writing sessions works for all students, not just English language learners.

Fair And Square Assessments for ELLs

Diane Staehr Fenner

Three ways to ensure more equitable and valid assessments for ELLs.

With Open Arms

Gregorio Verbera

Schools must make school more welcoming, especially to those students who feel that no one cares.

EL Study Guide

Naomi Thiers

InService Guest Bloggers

Wayne E. Wright and Jane Hill

EL Interview

Jane Hill, author with Kirsten B. Miller of Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners (2nd ed., ASCD, 2013), talks about what beginning English language learners need from their teachers.