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April 2-4, 2016
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ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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November 2004 | Volume 62 | Number 3

Closing Achievement Gaps

Featured Articles

Why Does the Gap Persist?

Paul E. Barton

Research shows that 14 intertwined factors correlate with student achievement.

The Threat of Stereotype

Joshua Aronson

The fear of fulfilling stereotypes or a desire to disprove them—both can affect academic performance.

With Boys and Girls in Mind

Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens

How classrooms can accommodate the differences in the ways males and females learn.

Confronting the Racism of Low Expectations

Julie Landsman

Subtle or blatant, racist attitudes poison life at school.

How Schools Shortchange African American Children

Janice E. Hale

Pushing advanced academic content into lower grades without providing supports is no way to close achievement gaps.

A Call for Universal Preschool

Rosa A. Smith

Why preschool for all is a sound investment.

The Achievement Gap: A Broader Picture

Richard Rothstein

Reforming our schools is just one part of the solution; we must also address social class differences, including health status and mobility rates.

A Game Without Winners

W. James Popham

Achievement tests designed to ensure score spread often use test items that affluent students are more likely to know than children from poor families.

The High School/College Disconnect

Michael W. Kirst

Many students are ignorant of what it takes to succeed in college.

Building Bridges to College

Patricia Gándara

California's High SPuente project encourages high school students to attend four-year colleges.

Why Do Students Drop Advanced Mathematics?

Ilana Horn

What schools and teachers can do to halt attrition from higher math.

Untracking Earth Science

Sherry P. King, Seth Weitzman and Larry Keane

Making a challenging course inclusive did not significantly lower its passing rates on the Regents exam, a New York school district found.

Narrowing the Gap in Affluent Schools

Frank D. Grossman and Jacqueline Ancess

Three suburban districts explored ways to eliminate tracking and implement enrichment programs more equitably.

Closing Gender Gaps in Science

Jo Sanders and Sarah Cotton Nelson

A Dallas program enlightened teachers about gender-fair teaching practices.

Mentoring Minority Students

Kathy Maloney and Terrie Saunders

A Minority Scholars class learned about résumé writing and college planning.



EL Study Guide / Closing Achievement Gaps

Naomi Thiers

For professional development and study groups.