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November 2011
Effective Grading Practices

November 2011 | Volume 69 | Number 3

Effective Grading Practices

Feature Articles

Starting the Conversation About Grading

Susan M. Brookhart

At the heart of the matter: What are the purposes of grading?

Five Obstacles to Grading Reform

Thomas R. Guskey

How to surmount the tyranny of tradition and bring thoughtful change to an established practice.

Redos and Retakes Done Right

Rick Wormeli

Why allowing retakes is worth the trouble and practical tips for managing them.

The Case Against Grades

Alfie Kohn

We should abolish all grades as antithetical to learning, the author argues.

Grades That Show What Students Know

Robert J. Marzano and Tammy Heflebower

Four best practices for schools that want to implement a standards-based grading system.

Reporting Student Learning

Ken O'Connor and Rick Wormeli

Problems with—and practices for—making grading accurate, consistent, and meaningful.

No Penalties for Practice

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey and Ian Pumpian

An urban secondary school refines its intervention efforts by focusing on competencies.

Creating Student-Friendly Tests

Spencer J. Salend

How to improve teacher-made tests—from writing clearer directions to organizing test items.

Making Homework Central to Learning

Cathy Vatterott

Well-designed homework can help students master content and do well on assessments.

How Grading Reform Changed Our School

Jeffrey A. Erickson

A faculty decides that protocols for late work, retests, and evaluating nonacademic factors should be the same for all.

How I Broke My Rule and Learned to Give Retests

Myron Dueck

A history teacher recounts how he helped his students answer the familiar question, "How am I doing?"

Taking the Grading Conversation Public

Douglas B. Reeves

How to reframe the debate to encourage feedback and garner support for meaningful change.

Columns / Departments

Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Research Says / Grade Inflation: Killing with Kindness?

Bryan Goodwin

Today's high school grades are not what they once were.

Art and Science of Teaching / Thought Experiments in the Classroom

Robert J. Marzano

Use thought experiments to explore cause and correlation.

Principal Connection / Those Plates Are Hot!

Thomas R. Hoerr

Tips from folks at the pancake house.

One to Grow On / Finding Your Grading Compass

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Some hard-earned conclusions about what grades should reflect.

Book Review / The Same Thing Over and Over: How School Reformers Get Stuck in Yesterday's Ideas by Frederick M. Hess

Dina Strasser

Look up any concept in this book, and you can be sure it will come under heavy fire.

Tell Me About … / A Time When Grades Were Motivating—Or Not

Find readers' stories, and contribute your own response to an upcoming question.

ASCD Community in Action

News and resources from ASCD.


Big Changes in a Small School

Abbi Roehrborn, Rhonda Opelt and Chad Hanson

Three teachers together revamp their tests to reward mastery.

The Case of the Illogical Grades

Lissa Pijanowski

A Georgia district coordinates a differentiated grading system for elementary, middle, and high school students.

How I Overhauled Grading as Usual

Laurie Amundson

A math teacher transforms her assessment system and finds that her students learn more.

EL Study Guide

Teresa K. Preston

Watch This Spot!

This month's video clip from the PD Online course Formative Assessment: Deepening Understanding shows how a teacher guides students to self-assess their work.