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October 30 - November 1, 2015
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Conference on Educational Leadership

Conference on Educational Leadership

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November 2012 | Volume 70 | Number 3

Teacher Evaluation: What's Fair? What's Effective?

Feature Articles

Keeping Improvement in Mind

Paul Mielke and Tony Frontier

Involving teachers in their own evaluation keeps the focus on student learning.

The Two Purposes of Teacher Evaluation

Robert J. Marzano

One purpose is measurement; the other is improvement. How do we achieve both?

The Potential of Peer Review

Susan Moore Johnson and Sarah E. Fiarman

To ensure that the "right" teachers are retained, both assistance and evaluation are necessary.

Beyond the Scoreboard

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

The good coach doesn't just keep track of scores but insists on guided practice.

Observing Classroom Practice

Charlotte Danielson

How to conduct classroom observations with integrity and skill.

How to Use Value-Added Measures Right

Matthew Di Carlo

Research-based recommendations on how to minimize mistakes with VAM.

The MET Project: The Wrong 45 Million Dollar Question

Rachael Gabriel and Richard Allington

The MET project does not get at the heart of teacher effectiveness.

Fine-Tuning Teacher Evaluation

Kim Marshall

Three ideas for capturing a more accurate picture of a teacher's work.

The Fuzzy Scarlet Letter

Aaron M. Pallas

A report from New York on the mischief of labeling teachers.

A Tale of Two Districts

Mark Simon

In neighboring districts, one system generates churn; the other, skills.

All Hat and No Cattle

Jessica Holloway-Libell, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley and Clarin Collins

A saga of unintended consequences in Texas.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of TAP

Michelle Pieczura

A Tennessee teacher reflects on her own evaluation.

Lessons from Korea

Kyounghye Seo

After a two-year implementation, South Korea schools are adding individual improvements to the new teacher evaluation system.

Columns / Departments

Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Research Says / Use Caution with Value-Added Measures

Bryan Goodwin and Kirsten Miller

Researchers warn: Heed the caveats before embracing new measures.

Art and Science of Teaching / Reducing Error in Teacher Observation Scores

Robert J. Marzano

Five ways to improve score validity.

Power Up! / Taking Charge of Online Learning

Doug Johnson

Virtual delivery of instruction deserves a plan.

Principal Connection / Musing Over Meetings

Thomas R. Hoerr

Insights about human memory as applied to faculty meetings.

One to Grow On / The Evaluation of My Dreams

Carol Ann Tomlinson

What would your dream evaluator do?

Tell Me About … / A Frustrating Evaluation Experience

Find readers' stories here and online, and contribute your own response to an upcoming question.

ASCD Community in Action

News and resources from ASCD.

EL Takeaways

Six insights about teacher evaluation.


Value-Added: The Emperor with No Clothes

Stephen J. Caldas

New York's intended use of VAM is psychometrically indefensible.

The Balancing Acts of Teacher Evaluation

Cindy Weber

A Michigan superintendent reflects on the challenges of shaping an evaluation system.

Beyond Classroom Observations

Debra Pickering

Classroom artifacts and student surveys shed light on teacher effectiveness.

Taking Peer Feedback to Heart

Terry Bramschreiber

During a Campus Crawl program, teachers visit classrooms and provide peer feedback.

EL Study Guide

Teresa Preston


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