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2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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October 2012
Students Who Challenge Us

October 2012 | Volume 70 | Number 2

Students Who Challenge Us

Feature Articles

First, Discover Their Strengths

Thomas Armstrong

A neurodiversity perspective explains why educators must focus on students' assets.

Cracking the Behavior Code

Nancy Rappaport and Jessica Minahan

Steps to decipher the reasons for students' behaviors—and preventative ways to intervene.

Joining Hands Against Bullying

Richard Weissbourd and Stephanie Jones

Bullying is far less likely to take root in schools where caring is the norm.

Chaos in Kindergarten?

Jenna Bilmes

Teaching social and emotional skills can do much to quell the clamor.

Ferrari Engines, Bicycle Brakes

Edward Hallowell

Treating ADHD is all about strengthening the brakes.

Call Me Different, Not Difficult

John Elder Robison

How autism looks from the inside.

Tourette Syndrome in the Classroom

Amanda Coffman

Which accommodations make the difference for students with Tourette syndrome?

Ending School Avoidance

Michele Casoli-Reardon, Nancy Rappaport, Deborah Kulick and Sarah Reinfeld

Insights about students who don't want to attend school and strategies to curtail excessive absenteeism.

How Other Countries "Do Discipline"

Richard Arum and Karly Ford

A look at how countries around the world establish authority, enforce behavior codes, and ensure fairness.

Five Myths About Student Discipline

Laurie Boyd

An administrator's rationale for establishing a schoolwide behavior plan.

Empowering Young Black Males

Baruti K. Kafele

Statistics show that the U.S. education system is failing far too many black students.

From Discipline to Relationships

William L. Sterrett

Nothing is more important than paying attention to school climate, this former principal says.

100 Repetitions

Jeffrey Benson

"Again and again and again and again."

Columns / Departments

Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Art and Science of Teaching / The Many Uses of Exit Slips

Robert J. Marzano

Exit slips provide quick perspectives on students' understanding.

Research Says / For Positive Behavior, Involve Peers

Bryan Goodwin and Kirsten Miller

"It takes a village" is more than a cliché.

Power Up! / On Board with BYOD

Doug Johnson

Make "Bring Your Own Device" an effective policy.

Principal Connection / "Your Candidate Sucks!"

Thomas R. Hoerr

Has election year rancor invaded your school?

One to Grow On / Rising to the Challenge of Challenging Behavior

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Sometimes you have to be half pit bull and half Mother Teresa.

Tell Me About … / What You Learned from a Challenging Student

Find readers' stories here and online, and contribute your own response to an upcoming question.

ASCD Community in Action

News and resources from ASCD.

EL Takeaways

Seven Things to Remember About Teaching Students Who Challenge Us.


"Another One of Those Days"

Mike Anderson

Thinking ahead about how to handle disruptions and distractions.

Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do

Larry Ferlazzo

When students test you—and they will—do what the master teachers do. Includes a miniposter for sharing.

Lessons from Roger and Ben

Anne K. Bergen

They are in every school—students whose strengths remain invisible to others.

Practices to Engage All Learners

James Riegert and Donna Recht

Teachers of at-risk students recommend five student-centered strategies.

EL Study Guide

Naomi Thiers

Also available on iTunes University

Watch This Spot!

This month's video from the PD Online course Classroom Management: Building Effective Relationships (2nd ed.) shows how an educator might help a child who has trouble controlling his behavior.