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September 2011
Promoting Respectful Schools

September 2011 | Volume 69 | Number 1

Promoting Respectful Schools

Feature Articles

White House Report / Bullying—And the Power of Peers

Philip C. Rodkin

This research synthesis explores who bullies and why and what educators and children can do to prevent bullying.

What Students Say About Bullying

Stan Davis and Charisse Nixon

Kids speak out about which interventions ease or escalate the situation.

Stepping Back from Zero Tolerance

Judith Browne-Dianis

Harsh disciplinary practices can have severe consequences for students.

What's So Hard About Win-Win?

Jane Bluestein

Strategies for creating an environment that respects both adults and students.

Confronting Racial and Religious Tensions

Stephen Wessler

When violence threatens, how do administrators provide outlets for tolerant listening?

Respect—Where Do We Start?

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin

Creating a supportive school culture starts with fostering a positive culture for teachers and staff.

Building Safer, Saner Schools

Laura Mirsky

How restorative practices promote respectful behavior.

Putting a Face to Faith

Charles C. Haynes

Face to Faith dispels stereotypes and helps students better understand their own and others' religious values.

Breaking Silences

Robert A. McGarry

A plea for stopping homophobic name-calling and hate language.

Learning from New Americans

Bill Preble and Carlton Fitzgerald

Inviting students new to the country to speak about their experiences builds their confidence and helps fellow students enlarge their perspectives.

Looking Out, Looking In

Debbie Pushor

Rethinking how we talk and listen to families yields significant returns.

Discussions That Drive Democracy

Diana Hess

How to teach students to talk about controversial issues in civil and productive ways.

Life Lessons from the Philosophers

Scott Seider and Sarah Novick

Attention to respect has played a pivotal role in this school's superior academic achievement record.

Letters to My Younger Self

Emilie Shafto

A college senior reflects on her life as a struggling 2nd grader.

Commentary / The Threat of Accountabalism

Phillip C. Schlechty

Focusing only on improving test scores is a misguided school reform.


Research Says… / Bullying Is Common—And Subtle

Bryan Goodwin

Many students bully to gain social status.

Art & Science of Teaching / The Perils and Promises of Discovery Learning

Robert J. Marzano

Discovery learning works best when teachers prepare students and offer assistance along the way.

Principal Connection / Too Plugged In

Thomas R. Hoerr

He loves the e-fray, but how much is too much?

One to Grow On / Respecting Students

Carol Ann Tomlinson

How to survive—and enjoy—the teaching journey.


Double Take

Reviews, research, and relevant reads.

Tell Me About… / A Time When You Turned Disrespect into Respect

Read readers' stories here and online, and contribute your own response to an upcoming question.

ASCD Community in Action

News and resources from ASCD.


Creating a Climate of Respect

Jonathan Cohen, Richard Cardillo and Terry Pickeral

How to develop students who see themselves as "upstanders."

Blue Tickets and Big Smiles

Aaron S. Hunt

An assistant principal describes how to implement a successful Positive Behavior Support plan.

Minding Manners, Having Heart

Rhonda Barton and Bracken Reed

Two schools respond to their students' social and emotional needs.

EL Study Guide

Teresa K. Preston