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From Behaving to Belonging: The Inclusive Art of Supporting Students Who Challenge Us


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Challenging behavior is one of the most significant issues educators face. Though it may seem radical to use words like love, compassion, and heart when we talk about behavior and discipline, the compassionate and heartfelt words, actions, and strategies teachers employ in the classroom directly shape who students are—and who they will become. But how can teaching from the heart translate into effective supports and practices for students who exhibit challenging behavior?

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A Note on Authorship

Focusing on Educators' Mental Health: Developing Love and Self-Care

Belonging: Putting Your Love on Display

About the authors

Julie Causton is founder and CEO of Inclusive Schooling, supporting administrators, educators, and families who wish to create more caring, inclusive schools for all learners. She is a former professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University and has spent 20 years studying and creating best practices for inclusive education. As a former special education teacher, she knows firsthand how belonging leads to better outcomes for students.

Causton works with administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and families to help them create inclusive experiences. She is the author of seven books about inclusive education and has published articles in over 30 educational research and practitioner journals.

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