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About Us

About Us
Illustration: Ryan Johnson

ASCD is a passionate community of life-changing educators. Our community is empowered to be equity and instructional warriors who transform vision into practice. For 75 years we have worked side by side with educators from every level in all 50 states and more than 200 countries to help them find their people and amplify their voice to reach many. Our professional learning services let educators chart their own learning journey, as educators, as leaders, so they and their students can flourish.  

ASCD Governance

ASCD is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets several times a year and is chaired by the association's president. Learn more.

ASCD Annual Report

2020: ASCD's Response to a New Reality

The months marked by this annual report were like no other in terms of its demands for innovation and stress on educators, families, and students. COVID-19 disrupted everything we knew about schooling, work, and daily life. ASCD pivoted in every conceivable way to serve educators to meet their immediate needs as well as to nourish their long-term professional growth.

The 2020 Annual Report covers the 2020 fiscal year (September 2019 through August 2020).  

Annual Report Archives

Please contact us for additional archived reports.