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Emerging Leaders

Lead, influence, and inspire educators at every level as an ASCD emerging leader. 

Emerging Leaders

What is the ASCD Emerging Leader program? As a community of passionate thinkers and leaders, ASCD's Emerging Leaders are a select group of rising leaders in education who undergo a rigorous selection process. They are welcomed into a two-year program where they can amplify their work on important education issues and find opportunities to lead from wherever they are in education.

ASCD invites nominations of aspiring leaders to be considered as Emerging Leaders annually from successful candidates who have worked in education for 5–15 years. They are servant leaders who lead by example and are dedicated to the tenets of the whole child. As alumni, emerging leaders stay connected to ASCD through their cohort.

What makes a good leader? 
We define leadership around eight components. If you're interested in applying to become an emerging leader or wish to nominate a deserving educator, these are the qualities of today's Emerging Leaders.  

  1. Creating value is why we exist. Leaders who create value constantly examine the needs of our organization and the people we serve. 

  2. Executing accountably is how we see things through. Leaders who execute accountably build from idea to concrete action to desired outcome. 

  3. Continuously reinventing is how we lead a revolution. Leaders who continuously reinvent are actively looking for a better way. 

  4. Acting together is how we meet challenges. Leaders who act together suspend self-interest, invite others' ideas, and balance process with the need to move forward. 

  5. Applying learning is how we get better. Leaders who apply learning are attentive and curious. They learn from experience, share that learning, and bring others with diverse experience on board. 

  6. Making meaning is how we connect to what matters. Leaders who make meaning understand that "why" is important. They engage in the vision, share the big picture, and find ways to make the vision meaningful for others. 

  7. Cultivating talent is how we succeed. Leaders who cultivate talent are passionately focused on the growth of others. 

  8. Leading myself is where I begin. Leaders who do this take responsibility for how they show up as leaders. They are open to feedback, mindful of personal strength and weakness, and willing to change.  



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Become an Emerging Leader

Take your place. Become an emerging leader.

Applications for the Emerging Leaders program is closed.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Constituent Services.