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Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools, 2nd Edition


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More than a simple refresh, the second edition of Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools incorporates new insights, thinking, and experiences to refine approaches to, and tools for, implementing effective modern learning practices in a department, school, or district. With new Notes From the Field elements, authors Jay McTighe and Greg Curtis highlight key observations from their work with schools, including how to avoid potential missteps, misunderstandings, and time wasters that inhibit progress when implementing reform. Using a refined blueprint for change, readers will be able to use best practices and essential frameworks to establish a vision and mission for developing an effective and modern curricula, assessments, instructional practices, and reporting. An all-new chapter on change leadership will help readers sustain their initiatives and avoid costly pitfalls. Readers will also benefit from the appendices included at the end of the book which offer lists of recommended resources organized around key categories.

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From Mission to Action

Curriculum for Modern Learning

About the authors

Jay McTighe has a varied career in education. He served as director of the Maryland Assessment Consortium, a collaboration of school districts working to develop and share formative performance assessments and helped lead standards-based reforms at the Maryland State Department of Education. Prior to that, he helped lead Maryland’s standards-based reforms, including the development of performance-based statewide assessments.

Well known for his work with thinking skills, McTighe has coordinated statewide efforts to develop instructional strategies, curriculum models, and assessment procedures for improving the quality of student thinking. He has extensive experience as a classroom teacher, resource specialist, program coordinator, and in professional development, as a regular speaker at national, state, and district conferences and workshops.

McTighe is an accomplished author, having coauthored more than a dozen books, including the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design® series with Grant Wiggins. He has written more than 50 articles and book chapters and has been published in leading journals, including Educational Leadership (ASCD) and Education Week.

UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGN® and UbD® are registered trademarks of Backward Design, LLC used under license.


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