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Champions in Education

The Next Tier of Your ASCD Leadership Journey.

Champions in Education

What is the ASCD Champions in Education program?


As successful mid-career leaders in education, ASCD Champions in Education (#ASCDEdChamps) are invited to come together and advance the work to which they so passionately dedicate their careers. They are actively engaged in the work of the association, creating impact through their work advancing and evolving education to meet the needs of next generations of learners.

ASCD EdChamps access opportunities to work with ASCD, learn from one another, and create opportunities to fulfill their professional goals, sharing their action research with ASCD members, educators everywhere and the children they serve.

Educators active in the work of ASCD's member communities are eligible for consideration for this invitation-only opportunity. ASCD is proud to provide this program for established leaders in education coming together to re-envision education under ASCD's banner of excellence in education leadership.

Meet the 2022 EdChamps Cohort 

Become a Champion in Education

If you have any questions, please e-mail Member Communities.

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