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Connected Communities

Connected Communities

Enrich Your Local Community

ASCD Connected Communities bring together groups of individuals concerned with improving learning and teaching that wish to align with ASCD. Each connected community determines its focus and definition.

Connected communities are one of the formal structures in which ASCD members provide leadership for self-organized groups within the ASCD community. Rather than employing a standard association template to administer the groups, connected communities are designed from the educator's perspective to both meet local needs and enrich the overall ASCD community.

Start a Connected Community

Explore the Connected Community FAQ for more information about Connected Communities and how to start one.

ASCD Connected Community Directory

Connected communities defined by geographic boundaries must be located in areas where there are no existing ASCD affiliates.

  • Australia ASCD Connected Community

  • Germany ASCD Connected Community

  • Gulf Cooperation Council ASCD Connected Community

  • Hong Kong ASCD Connected Community

  • Newfoundland and Labrador ASCD Connected Community

  • West Virginia ASCD Connected Community