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October 1, 2018
Vol. 76
No. 2

Seen on the Screen / Accentuating the Positive

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Social-emotional learning
Teachers can familiarize themselves with Positive Psychology, find ways to give students a sense of how emotions connect to learning, and develop techniques for fostering their own personal "well being" with instructional videos created by Greg Donoghue. Using line drawings, Donoghue, an education consultant with thinkED in Australia, explains how Positive Psychology helps people not just "fix" psychological problems as they arise, but aim to flourish on a daily basis. One tutorial on why being in the "flow zone" (where work isn't too hard or too easy) shifts emotions in a way that makes intimidating schoolwork seem easier might help students monitor whether they're feeling flow or frustration as they work. Another demonstrates a journaling technique that identifies what habitual practices build—or hinder—one's happiness. Find Donoghue's tutorials at

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