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February 1, 2013
Vol. 70
No. 5

ASCD Community in Action

EL Wins Coveted Award

Educational Leadership has won a prestigious Ozzie Award from Folio magazine for excellence in magazine design. EL won the silver award in the category "Best Use of Illustration, Association/Non-Profit" for the illustration by Chris Buzelli that appeared in the article "Taming the Wild Text" by Pam Allyn, in the March 2012 issue on "Reading: The Core Skill."

Join In!

ASCD invites educators to make their voices heard in an ongoing discussion of the question, How do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness?
The discussion will focus on such topics as
  • Developing a common understanding of equity and access and determining the supports needed for each student to succeed.
  • The research on and the validity of various educator evaluation systems.
  • The use and purpose of educator evaluations and their effect on educator recruitment, retention, and advancement.
  • The role of preparation programs and ongoing professional development in fostering educator effectiveness.
  • The weighting of multiple measures, such as test scores, observations, peer feedback, and student and family input.
The ASCD Forum on teacher evaluation kicked off in January and concludes April 12, 2013. You can participate by blogging about these topics on ASCD Edge, commenting on other blog posts by forum participants, taking a survey, and attending a live session at the ASCD 2013 Annual Conference March 16–18 in Chicago, Illinois. Survey results and major themes from the conversation will be shared publicly after the conclusion of the ASCD Forum.
To learn more about how to participate, join the ASCD Forum Group on ASCD Edge or contact constituentservices@ascd.org.

Read ASCD Publications on Your iPad!

ASCD members can now enjoy the latest issues of Educational Leadership, Education Update, and Policy Priorities, as well as their ASCD books, on the iPad. The free ASCD App, available in the iTunes App Store, automatically syncs ASCD publications you receive as member benefits and e-books you've purchased from the ASCD Store with your iPad. Just download the app and sign in with your ASCD user name and password, and your publication benefits and e-book purchases will appear, ready for you to read in the e-reading app of your choice.
For nonmembers and those who haven't purchased an ASCD e-book, downloading the app will provide you with sample issues of Educational Leadership, Education Update, and Policy Priorities as well as an excerpt from the ASCD book How to Create a Culture of Achievement in Your School and Classroom (2012) by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Ian Pumpian.

Product Spotlight

New PD QuickKits

ASCD's new online digital packages—or PD QuickKits—offer educators a digital collection of content-specific and practical strategies. The first in the series, PD QuickKit: Common Core for Literacy Pack, is available now. It includes five online courses plus the course The Core Six: Teaching with the Common Core State Standards in Mind and the e-book The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core by Harvey F. Silver, Matthew J. Perini, and R. Thomas Dewing.
Each QuickKit provides social interaction tools, which enable users to collaborate with teachers and administrators from their schools or districts, and reporting tools, which teachers and administrators can use to track their progress and earn hours toward continuing education units.

This article was published anonymously, or the author name was removed in the process of digital storage.

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