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March 1, 2006
Vol. 63
No. 6

ASCD Community in Action

ASCD Launches Hurricane-Relief Workshops

In mid-February, ASCD launched a series of workshops in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, and in Jackson, Mississippi, to help educators meet the needs of students displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Additional workshops are planned for the Houston, Texas, area and elsewhere in the United States where schools and districts have enrolled displaced students.
The workshops focus on the theme “Planned Responses to Unplanned Change” and address the topics of Building Resiliency; Supporting Positive School Culture and Climate; and Exploring New Roles for Families, Schools, and Communities.
To learn more about the latest workshop locations and dates,

What Should School Leadership Programs Include?

ASCD invites your comments and suggestions on this question as we work with other education groups to revise the NCATE Leadership Standards for program accreditation. The current standards are posted on the ASCD Web site (click on About ASCD, then Strategic Partners). Please send your ideas to Agnes Crawford at ASCD will review the revised standards during the summer before submitting them to NCATE.

Do You Challenge the Status Quo?

Have you invented a new practice or persuaded colleagues to be unconventional in their approach to grading, curriculum, leadership, school climate, or parent involvement? To share your story, write a brief piece (250–300 words) telling how you have challenged the status quo and why it has been worthwhile (or not) to do so.
Send your story by e-mail with “Status Quo” in the subject line, including complete contact information (name, address, phone number, school, and position). The deadline is March 27, 2006. We'll contact you if your story is selected for publication in a special feature in the May 2006 issue ofEducational Leadership. Questions? Contact Deborah Perkins-Gough at 703-575-5694

ASCD Develops Legislative Agenda

  • Determine accountability through multiple measures of assessment.
  • Increase support and flexibility for comprehensive professional development.
  • Provide flexibility and resources to support innovative high school reform.
  • Increase support and resources for school readiness and early development of the whole child.
  • Increase flexibility for research-based interventions in schools needing improvement.
For more information about ASCD's advocacy work, visit the ASCD Action Center ( To become an ASCD Educator Advocate, visit


  1. Teacher Leadership That Strengthens Professional Practice. By Charlotte Danielson. (2006). Stock No. 105048. Price: $20.95 (member); $26.95 (nonmember).
  2. Teacher-Centered Professional Development. By Gabriel Diaz-Maggioli. (2004). Stock No. 104021. Price: $20.95 (member); $25.95 (nonmember).
  1. Qualities of Effective Teachers(DVD and Facilitator's Guide). (2004). Stock No. 604423. Price: $440 (member); $540 (nonmember).
  2. Analyzing Teaching: A Professional Development CD-ROM. (2003). Stock No. 503367. Price: $99 (member); $119 (nonmember).

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