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May 1, 2004
Vol. 61
No. 8

ASCD Community in Action

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Reaching Out to Legislators

In conjunction with the annual ASCD Leadership Conference, ASCD affiliate leaders participated in their first-ever Day on the Hill. More than 70 participants from across the United States met with their congressional representatives in Washington, D.C., on April 22. The affiliate leaders discussed the importance of ASCD's recently adopted positions on high-stakes testing and closing the achievement gap. Affiliate leaders hope to build on this initial outreach effort to legislators and position ASCD as a valuable source of reliable information on issues of teaching and learning.

Networks Are Just a Click Away

ASCD Networks are member-initiated groups that provide opportunities for participants to share information related to a common interest area in the education field. Networks address such topics as authentic assessment, brain-compatible learning, character education, early childhood education, mentoring leadership, global education, restructuring schools, problem-based learning, and technology.
For a complete listing of ASCD networks, visit http://www.ascd.org/cms/index.cfm?TheViewID=426. If you would like to start a network for a topic that interests you, contact Eve Meinhardt at emeinhardt@ascd.org for a network information packet.

Building Communities of Learners

ASCD Institutional Membership enables schools and districts to provide professional development to educators who normally would not have the means to take advantage of these opportunities on their own. Participating members regularly receive valuable resources and information and participate in governance, affiliate, and membership activities.
ASCD's 1,300 Institutional Memberships, involving approximately 13,000 educators and administrators worldwide, foster learning communities locally. Contact ASCD if you would like additional information about how ASCD Institutional Membership can benefit your school or district.

Resources for “Schools as Learning Communities”

<BIBLIST> <HEAD>ASCD Infobrief</HEAD> <CITATION> Community Schools—Educators and Community Sharing Responsibility for Student Learning. (2004, January). By Martin J. Blank and Bela P. Shah. Available: www.ascd.org/publications/infobrief/issue36.html </CITATION> </BIBLIST>
<BIBLIST><HEAD>Books</HEAD>The Respectful School: How Educators and Students Can Conquer Hate and Harassment. (2003). By Stephen L. Wessler with William Preble. Stock No. 103006. Price: $18.95 (member); $23.95 (nonmember).Education and Public Health: Natural Partners in Learning for Life. (2003). By Jenny Smith. Stock No. 103380. Price: $5.95 (member); $7.95 (nonmember).</BIBLIST>
<BIBLIST><HEAD>Audio Sets</HEAD>Leaders as Learners: Building a Professional Learning Community for Principals and Central Office Staff. (2003). By Connie Hoffman. Stock No. 203124. Price: $12.95 (member); $15.95 (nonmember).Overcoming the Barriers to a Professional Learning Community. (2002). By Richard DuFour. Stock No. 202261. Price: $12.95 (member); $15.95 (nonmember).</BIBLIST>
<BIBLIST><HEAD>Video</HEAD>How to Make Homework More Meaningful by Involving Parents. (2001). Educational consultant: Joyce Epstein. Stock No. 401013. Price: $79.00 (member); $95.00 (nonmember).</BIBLIST>

In Support of Literacy

The Books on the Bayou Bash was a service project and a social event rolled into one. During this kickoff to the ASCD 2004 Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, participants donated more than 4,500 books to the New Orleans Public Schools. McGraw-Hill Education and Parents' Choice donated books for this service project; McGraw-Hill Education sponsored the event and participated in all activities.

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