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October 1, 2015
Vol. 73
No. 2

ASCD Community in Action

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Poverty Affects … Health, Well-Being, and Education

Poverty affects our schools, our economy, and our future; and it's becoming the norm. What was once a local, regional, or state concern is now a national issue; according to the Southern Education Foundation, 51 percent of public school students now come from poverty.
In July, ASCD released the Report from the Spring 2015 Whole Child Symposium that focused on Poverty and Education. Read and watch the conversation from two education panels that outlined the steps and actions we can all take to ameliorate the effects of poverty at

Multimetric Accountability White Paper

A new ASCD white paper, Multimetric Accountability Systems: A Next-Generation Vision of Student Success, highlights five examples of education systems at the state, province, and local levels in the United States and Canada that have successfully put in place multimetric accountability models.
ASCD has been calling for more meaningful accountability systems that promote continuous support and improvement and align with the broader outcomes we collectively want for our students. Such systems should incorporate a variety of measures that more fully reflect a comprehensive definition of student success, accurately measure student learning, and systematically track educators' efforts to engage and support learners. For the systems highlighted in the paper, next-generation accountability has already arrived. These systems are demonstrating that such accountability systems are both achievable and successful. You can read the full report at

Interested in Serving on the Board of Directors?

The ASCD Nominations Committee is seeking individuals to run for a position on the Board of Directors in next year's General Membership election. The application process opened on September 1, 2015, and completed applications are due by November 15, 2015. Visit for information on the qualifications for office and time commitment involved (Board members serve a four-year term.) If you have questions, please contact ASCD governance at

A Lexicon for Educating the Whole Child

The commonly accepted—but narrow—definition of student "success" that centers on academic achievement dismisses research documenting lifelong payoffs of a whole child–centered approach. Yet across the varying groups that promote a broader definition of success, there has sometimes been a lack of clarity and uniformity.
ASCD's recent Policy Priorities makes the case for greater understanding of and collaboration on the key education terms and philosophies—including character education, school climate, social-emotional learning, and 21st century skills—that support a whole child approach. Reaching such clarity will help multiple stakeholders—including parents, policymakers, and business and community leaders—appreciate the value of supporting learning beyond academic achievement.

Free Webinar on Motivating Students

At 3:00 p.m. ET, on October 13, Gayle Gregory and Martha Kaufeldt will lead a free webinar on "The Motivated Brain: Using the SEEKING System to Improve Student Attention, Engagement, and Perseverance." One of the promising frontiers of educational neuroscience lies in understanding our basic emotions. Students' brains are programed to "seek and find," and teachers can enhance this need by planning strategically to engage the SEEKING system to maximize motivation and, ultimately, learning. Register for this free webinar at

New ASCD Books

Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most (ASCD, 2014) by Jeffrey Benson. Stock No. 114013. Price: $19.95 (member); $26.95 (nonmember).
This book uses real-life examples to show how educators can marshal empathy and patience to support the learning of students with behavioral difficulties in the classroom.
Handling Student Frustrations: How Do I Help Students Manage Emotions in the Classroom? (ASCD Arias, 2014) by Renate Caine and Carol McClintic. Stock No. SF114068. Price: $9.99 (member); $12.99 (nonmember).
With grade-specific examples throughout, Handling Student Frustrations offers strategies that educators at all levels can immediately apply to help students overcome stress and focus on learning.
Encouragement in the Classroom: How Do I Help Students Stay Positive and Focused? (ASCD Arias, 2014) by Joan Young. Stock No. SF114049. Price: $9.99 (member); $12.99 (nonmember).
Explore practical ways to foster humor, mindfulness, resilience, curiosity, and gratitude for a positive classroom that engages students and enhances their learning.
Self-Regulated Learning for Academic Success: How Do I Help Students Manage Thoughts, Behaviors, and Emotions? (ASCD Arias, 2013) by Carrie Germeroth and Crystal Day-Hess. Stock No. SF114041. Price: $9.99 (member); $12.99 (nonmember).
Specific instructional strategies to help teachers at all grade levels foster self-regulation—the critical fourth R of education that students need in order to achieve academic goals and interact appropriately in the classroom.

Upcoming ASCD Conferences

Find details about these upcoming conferences at

2015 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

October 30, 2015–November 1, 2015, in San Diego, CA
Whether your leadership imperatives are in a classroom, a school, or systemwide, this ASCD event will address your needs with immediate and practical solutions.

2016 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

April 2–4, 2016, in Atlanta, GA
Don't miss the must-attend event for education leaders of all levels.

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