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October 1, 2018
Vol. 76
No. 2

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Social-emotional learning

Resources for Social-Emotional Learning

Engage the Brain: How to Design for Learning That Taps into the Power of Emotion (ASCD, 2018) by Allison Posey. Stock No. 119015. $23.16 (member); $28.95 (non-member).
Posey has written a practical, informative guide for understanding how to capture the brain's incredible power and achieve better results with all students.
Teaching to Strengths: Supporting Students Living with Trauma, Violence, and Chronic Stress (ASCD, 2017) by Debbie Zacarian, Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz, and Judie Haynes. Stock No. 117035. $23.16 (member); $28.95 (non-member).
This book outlines a comprehensive, collaborative approach to teaching students living with trauma, violence, and chronic stress that focuses on students' strengths and resiliency.
Keeping It Real and Relevant: Building Authentic Relationships in Your Diverse Classroom (ASCD, 2017) by Ignacio Lopez. $12.76 (member); $15.95 (non-member).
Focusing on the pivotal role of relationship building, Lopez outlines simple but ingenious steps for enhancing the learning experience for students of all colors, creeds, and cultures.
Doing Poorly on Purpose: Strategies to Reverse Underachievement and Respect Student Dignity (Free Spirit & ASCD, 2018) by James R. Delisle. Stock No. 118023. $21.56 (member); $26.95 (non-member).
This book dispels the negative stereotypes connected to underachievement and recognizes that self-image, self-concept, social-emotional relationships, and respect are all important factors in students' desire to achieve.

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