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February 1, 2000
Vol. 57
No. 5

ASCD in Action

2000 Annual Conference & Exhibit Show

The 2000 ASCD Annual Conference, "Celebrating Education: Leading the Way in the New Millennium," is just around the corner. Featured speakers include filmmaker and author Lee Mun Wah, who will explore how educators can help schools facilitate discussion on racial issues; Wilma Mankiller, the first woman to be elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, who will talk about her experiences with community organization and program development; and Arun Gandhi, grandson of India's late spiritual leader, Mohandas K. Gandhi.
If you would like a print copy of the conference preview, please e-mail your request to annuconf@ascd.org. Or visit our Web site at www.ascd.org.

Education in Israel

Do you have a special interest in the Israeli education system? Are you knowledgeable about education issues in Israel? ASCD is currently identifying a network of educators who would like to learn about and share information about Israeli education, as well as to network with Israeli educators. Please contact Assistant Executive Director Doug Soffer (e-mail: dsoffer@ascd.org) for more information. And don't forget to read Joanna Choi Kalbus's article on page 78 of this issue!

Getting Results

How do you know whether your school is improving? How can you sustain reform? What really works in reading, writing, mathematics, or science programs? What about teaching to the test—or to the vast array of standards? How do you get results and measure them in terms of student achievement?
In the expanded second edition of Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement, Mike Schmoker answers these and other questions. By setting goals, working collaboratively, and keeping track of student achievement data, teachers and administrators can surpass the community's expectations in improving student learning. With hundreds of up-to-date examples from real schools and districts, Schmoker shows how to achieve—and to celebrate—both short- and long-term success. Price: $16.95 (member); $20.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 199233. Look for Schmoker's article on page 62 of this issue.

ASCD Resources on "What Do We Mean by Results?"

The following is a partial list of ASCD resources on this topic. For a more complete listing, visit ASCD's Web site or call the ASCD Service Center.
  • How to Use Standards in the Classroom (1996). Harris, D. E., & Carr, J. F. Price: $8.95 (member); $10.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 196197.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Designing Standards-Based Districts, Schools, and Classrooms. (1996). Marzano, R. J., & Kendall, J. S. Price: $24.95 (member); $29.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 196215.
  • Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K–12 Education, 2nd Ed. (1997). Kendall, J. S., & Marzano, R. J. Price: $39.95 (member); $47.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 197254.
  • Raising Achievement Through Standards. (1998). Price: $680 (member); $780 (nonmember). Stock no. 98043. Reporting Student Progress. (1996). Price: $378 (member); $448 (nonmember). Stock no. 495249.
  • Reporting Student Progress. (1996). Price: $378 (member); $448 (nonmember). Stock no. 495249.
  • The Deadly Effects of Higher Standards: Challenging High-Stakes Testing and Other Impediments to Learning. (1999). Kohn, A. Price: $11.95 (member); $14.95 (nonmember). Stock no. 299229.
  • Promoting Learning Through Student Data. (1999). Leibowitz, M. Price: $159 (member); $191 (nonmember). Stock no. 999004.
  • Standards for Excellence in Education. (1998). Price: $150 (member); $180 (nonmember). Stock no. 798339.
  • The Standards Toolkit. (1999). Price: $305 (member); $359 (nonmember). Stock no. 599272.

EL Themes

  • How to Differentiate Instruction (September 2000)
  • Teaching the Information Generation (October 2000)
  • The Science of Learning (November 2000)
  • The Changing Context of Education (December 2000/January 2001)
  • Evaluating Educators (February 2001)
  • Helping All Students Achieve (March 2001)
  • Beyond Class Time (April 2001)
  • Who Is Teaching Our Children? (May 2001)
For theme descriptions, deadlines, and "Guidelines for Writers," visit our Web site at www.ascd.org.

Signature Schools

In 1999, ASCD launched a new program dedicated to helping schools in their quest for continual improvement. The program—Signature Schools—brings ASCD's resources and expertise to schools interested in professional development to improve teaching and learning. ASCD is currently working with schools in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Components of the program include professional resources, leadership training, online resources and networking, and individualized support. If you're interested in more information on this growing program, please call ASCD at (800) 933-2723, ext. 5454, or visit the Web site atwww.ascd.org/sschools.

For Your Calendar

  • 2000: New Orleans, March 25–27
  • 2001: Boston, March 17–19
  • 2002: San Antonio, March 9–11
  • The High-Achieving Middle-Level School Chicago, Illinois: March 2–3, 2000
  • Staff Development for Student Learning Chicago, Illinois: March 2–3, 2000

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