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October 1, 2001
Vol. 59
No. 2

ASCD in Action

ASCD Articles on Demand

ASCD has launched a searchable electronic archive of 16 books and nearly 1,000 articles from Educational Leadership, the Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, Education Update, Curriculum Update, and the Curriculum*Technology Quarterly. Individual articles cost $3; books range in price from $7.95 to $12.95. There is no charge to search the archive. Once you purchase an article or book, you may gain access to it again at no further cost as long as you logged in with an ASCD Articles on Demand user name and password when you purchased the item. View ASCD Articles on Demand at

ASCD Resources for "What Should We Teach?"

  • Jensen, E. (2001). Arts with the Brain in Mind. Price: $18.95 (member); $22.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 101011.
  • Kinsley, C., & McPherson, K. (1995). Enriching the Curriculum Through Service Learning. $15.95 (member); $18.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 195057.
  • Krieger, M. J. (1999). How to Create an Independent Research Program. Price: $8.95 (member); $10.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 199214.
  • Mackley, T. A. (1999). Uncommon Sense: Core Knowledge in the Classroom. Price: $9.95 (member); $11.95 (nonmember). Stock No. 199239.
  • Curriculum Integration. (1998). Price: $189 (members); $220 (nonmembers). Stock No. 998214.
  • Service Learning. (1999). Price: $189 (members); $220 (nonmembers). Stock No. 999223.

ASCD Publications Honored

The Association of Educational Publishers recognized several ASCD publications from the past year. The winning feature article was Educational Leadership's "Sticks and Stones" (December 2000/January 2001), by Stephen L. Wessler, about how educators and students should intervene when they overhear derogatory language and name-calling. Another EL article, "Chaos in the Classroom," by Steven C. Schlozman and Vivien R. Schlozman, was a finalist in the learned article category. ASCD's Understanding by Design was a finalist in the instructional materials category, and the ASCD 2000 Books Catalog was a finalist in the catalogs category.
In addition, APEX honored the November 2000 issue of EL on "The Science of Learning" with an award of excellence for one-theme issues.

ASCD Student Chapters

The ASCD Student Chapter Program assists preservice, novice, and graduate-level teachers in becoming the best professional educators possible. The program provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, participate in professional development programs, and become members of ASCD at a reduced rate.
ASCD currently has 40 student chapters with more than 1,000 members. To start a chapter on your college campus or to receive a starter packet, contact Rochelle Jones at 703-575-5614 or send an email to

New Online Course

A new Professional Development Online course, Conflict Resolution: A Framework for Reducing School Violence, will be available November 2001. The six-lesson course helps teachers understand how they can—and why they should—emphasize conflict resolution in the classroom and in the school setting. Through lessons and interactive exercises, teachers can explore how to create an environment that empowers students to resolve conflicts constructively.
Other courses address classroom management, teacher reflection, global education, differentiated instruction, and multiple intelligences.
For more information, visit

New Report on Safe Schools

The Learning First Alliance recently compiled Every Child Learning: Safe and Supportive Schools, a report on how to ensure a safe environment for students while also addressing their academic, social, emo-tional, and ethical needs. ASCD President Kay Awalt Musgrove will introduce the report at a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. ASCD Executive Director Gene Carter currently serves as vice chairman of the Learning First Alliance, which represents 12 education associations.
To review the report or obtain copies, visit the LFA Web site (

For Your Calendar

  • 2002: San Antonio, March 9–11
  • 2003: San Francisco, March 8–10
  • 2004: New Orleans, March 20–22
  • Understanding By Design, San Diego: December 12–14, 2001
  • Creating a Culture of Shared Accountability, San Diego: December 13–14, 2001
  • Reading to Learn: Strategies That Work, San Diego: December 13–14, 2001

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