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May 1, 2022
Vol. 79
No. 8

Numbers of Note / The Rising Demand for "Soft" Skills

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    Social-emotional learning
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      In a survey of 400 recent college graduates and 425 HR professionals,
      44% of HR professionals said they'd hire an applicant with superior "people" skills over one with exceptional "hard" skills.
      65% of HR professionals said teamwork and collaboration are the most foundational people skills—yet 40% think these skills are lacking in new hires.
      47% of HR professionals believe the pandemic has deteriorated employees' people skills.
      93% of recent college grads and 74% of HR professionals believe that higher education should formalize opportunities to hone people skills.

      Mursion. (2021). From skill to instinct: How higher education can bridge the gap between classroom and career.

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