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May 1, 2000
Vol. 57
No. 8


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      <POEM><POEMLINE>In vacant or in pensive mood,</POEMLINE><POEMLINE>They flash upon that inward eye</POEMLINE><POEMLINE>Which is the bliss of solitude;</POEMLINE><POEMLINE>And then my heart with pleasure fills,</POEMLINE><POEMLINE>And dances with the daffodils.</POEMLINE><ATTRIB>—William Wordsworth</ATTRIB></POEM>
      The end of the year. The mad rush to finish the curriculum, grade the tests, and return the papers, don't forget to revel in the beauty of the season and the close of a productive year. When it's time to say goodbye, bid farewell to your students with a light heart.

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