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October 1, 2020

Readers React

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Instructional Strategies

Time Is on Your Side

Now is the time to think about time: how we spend it and how we maybe wish we were spending it. Looking forward to spending some time with this (Free! Downloadable!) issue of EL magazine.
Lyndsay Buehler (@apples4theteach)
Check out "Time Well-Managed." Lots of great ideas for re-opening in a virtual teaching environment.
NCASCD (@ncascd)

Principals Vs. Email

Very fitting that I came across this EL magazine article about managing the pitfalls of email by Craig Hochbein ["You've Got Email"] as I was taking some time to unclutter my inbox.
Adam Schmucker (@agschmucker)
The principalship should be about rolling up your sleeves, working alongside students and staff, and being present, visible, and honoring connections. Email can be a great tool, but consuming if not managed. Essential conversation for sure! Good article, EL magazine!
Derek Warren (@warrenderek12)
Need to get in contact with me? Find me, call, text, but please try not to email!
Martin Da Costa (@martindac)

Great Timing

What a great article ["No Instructional Minute Wasted"]!! Totally agree with the information written here. Every teacher should understand this and think more about the way they teach! Thank you, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey.
Mihaela Cataraga (@MCataraga_)
An informative article, easily applicable tips.
Azra Fanoos (@AzraFanoos)

May We Interrupt Your Learning …

All school PA announcements drive me up a wall during fieldwork. Glad to know I have research to back up what I thought was me just being sensitive. ["The Hidden Cost of Classroom Interruptions" by Matthew Kraft]
Sean Gill (@seanrobertgill)
The National Council on Teacher Quality was determined to do an interruptions study 15 years ago and gave up over methodological challenges. This is a huge, un-talked-about issue … the PA systems that go to every classroom instead of one, etc.
Kate Walsh (@nctqkate)

Mmm … Frogs

"If you are forced to eat two frogs, a huge frog and a tiny frog, always eat the big frog first." Great article ["Think Self-Management, Not Time Management" by PJ Caposey]. Thank you, EL magazine!
Sean Flanagan (@5eanFlanagan)

Help for the Super-Teacher Complex

"In our quest to be heroes, we sometimes forget to save ourselves."- Chase Mielke in his recent EL magazine article "Reining in the Super-Teacher Complex." I hope all teachers [enjoyed] a well-deserved, much-needed summer break!
Dominic Bauer (@dominicbauer12)
Stopped staying overly late after school & stopped bringing work home. Forced myself to prioritize at work instead. Sometimes means I work during lunch, but I'd rather work at work and eat at home. It's amazing what you accomplish when you self-limit the time you work on it.
Mealor Math (@mealormath)

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