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September 1, 2018
Vol. 76
No. 1

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School Culture

Summer 2018 Fighting Educator Burnout

Inspiring Read
Great write-up @PrincipalKafele ["Avoiding School Leadership Burnout" by Baruti K. Kafele]. Very motivating and inspiring to read over summer vacation as I get ready for next year!
Josh Van Norman (@VanNormanJosh)
Assistant Principal, Poway Unified
School District, California
No Tech Needed
Lots of healthy grading practices shared here ["Teaching Smarter" by Glen Pearsall]. I was pleased NOT to read "use a computer program to grade faster" as a strategy.
Aric Foster (@Aricfoster2)
Learning Consultant, STEM and Flower Learning

May 2018 Bolstering the Teacher Pipeline

Honest Talk about Teacher Pay
At first glance, only one article in the May @ELmagazine addresses teacher pay. It's one of the biggest issues, if not the biggest … Better pay equals more candidates interested in becoming teachers. There's a respect factor here; when we increase teacher pay, that says, "You are valuable to our communities and kids." A district's challenge is that we can only do so much in light of local, state (mostly), and federal revenue limits. I hope in the future we can focus on some of these hot-button issues more and be willing to take some philosophical risks in the topics we choose to address.
Matt Renwick (@ReadByExample)
Principal, Mineral Point
Unified School District, Wisconsin
Editor's response (via Twitter):
You make a fair point. Part of the issue is that we (and our authors) tried to focus on practical solutions/partnerships that are under school leaders' control (which pay, as you note, generally isn't). I do think, however, issues of pay and professional respect are reflected throughout the issue. See in particular the Research Alert, "The Value of Money (and Respect)."
Anthony Rebora (@a_rebora)
Editor in Chief

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