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September 1, 1998
Vol. 56
No. 1


      Safe Schools, Safe Students: A Guide to Violence Prevention Strategies, Drug Strategies.
      This guide to school violence prevention programs assists school administrators and teachers in choosing the best strategies and programs for their schools. It first introduces the benefits of having such programs, and then lists the characteristics of good violence prevention programs. It also identifies some ineffective strategies, including scare tactics, segregating aggressive or antisocial students, and focusing exclusively on self-esteem.
      The bulk of the study identifies 84 violence prevention programs and rates them according to multiple criteria. Categories for assessing programs include program quality, developmental appropriateness, ease of administration, and teacher training. Contact information is available on all the programs. Out of the 84 programs assessed, only 10 received a grade A.
      Available from the Drug Strategies, 2445 M Street, NW, Suite 480, Washington, DC 20037. $12.95.

      This article was published anonymously, or the author name was removed in the process of digital storage.

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