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February 1, 2022

School Tool / An Equitable Roadmap for Data

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      Using data to better understand where students are in their learning and growth and inform practices in schools has long been an important piece of the puzzle. But how, exactly, can all educators get involved in the process and gather and analyze data with an eye for equity? The Education Trust's Data Equity Walk Toolkit provides district leaders, educators, and community members with resources to engage with data and try to solve educational inequities in a process tailored to a school's unique issues, and geared toward any level of data experience.
      The activity uses visual data displays and individual and collective reflection to lead participants to common solutions. On the website, you'll find video examples of data walks in action, planning questions, slide templates, tips for gathering and presenting data, a key to common data terminology, and a facilitation guide, among other resources. Access the toolkit at

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