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May 1, 2020
Vol. 62
No. 5

Still We Rise

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How is teacher leadership evolving in this time of crisis?

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has heralded incredible challenges and uncertainties, this time can also help push education into much-needed innovation. While we were reactive in the first weeks of March, moving forward we can ask ourselves, "In what ways can I transform my classroom now and forever so that all students have access to quality content, timely feedback, and connections with others?"
We have been scratching the surface of integrating tech in schools. This shift may show us an increase in student engagement, student ideas, and student leadership. We just have to lean into discomfort, listen to the kids, and learn.
This starts with teachers leading the charge. Their flexibility and adaptability will lay the groundwork for how we think about the design of school going forward—from the length of the school day, to the amount of work, to the course content, to student groupings, and so much more. We are on the precipice of something exciting and educators are leading the way.

LeeAndra Khan is an educational leader, writer, and speaker, as well as an advocate for equity and access in education. She has a unique skill set that includes classroom instruction, school level leadership as well as business industry experience. With a focus on real-world applications, Khan has leveraged her skill as an engineer to help teachers and teacher teams create project-based learning experiences that promote student voice and choice. Khan's specialties include mathematics, science, organizational leadership, community organizing, professional development, equity, access, diversity, team building, and coaching. Through STEAM opportunities and personalized learning, Khan works to promote academic mindsets through student-centered, inquiry-based learning.

She is currently Executive Director of EPIC Academy in Chicago, Illinois. Her publications include numerous blogs and articles as a guest author for The Chicago Reporter and Education Post, writing on education reform. In addition, she delivered a TEDx Talk titled "The Power Outage," which focused on teacher voice and leadership beyond the classroom.


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