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September 1, 2020

ASCD Welcomes 2020 Class of Emerging Leaders

    ASCD is proud to welcome 21 exceptional educators to its 2020 class of emerging leaders. The ASCD Emerging Leaders program contains a diverse group of educators who have been in education for 5 to 15 years.
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      September 1, 2020
      ALEXANDRIA, VA—ASCD is proud to welcome 21 exceptional educators to its 2020 class of emerging leaders.
      The ASCD Emerging Leaders program contains a diverse group of educators who have been in education for 5 to 15 years and who have made an impact as leaders in their schools, districts, and communities. Emerging leaders gain access to networking and learning opportunities and are prepared for future leadership roles, including opportunities within ASCD.
      "Elevating educational leadership is the heart of what we do at ASCD, and our emerging leaders exemplify leadership at its best," ASCD CEO and Executive Director Ranjit Sidhu said. "These educators strengthen our community and our organization. We are excited to welcome our new class and look forward to working together in the years to come."
      ASCD introduces these educators as our 2020 class of emerging leaders:
      • Sabrina Claude McGahee, Superintendent, Old Redford Academy School District
      • Zachary Cohen, Middle School Director, St. Francis School
      • Kimberly Eckert, Teacher/Director of Educational Development, West Baton Rouge School Board/Louisiana Department of Education
      • Carrington Faulk, Marketing Teacher, Newport News Public Schools
      • Abigail French, U.S. History Teacher, Peter Muhlenberg Middle School
      • Chanel Gaither, President and Founder, Minorities Achieving College Success
      • Alejandra Garza, 4th Grade Head Teacher, Latin American School
      • Patrick Harris, 6-8 Humanities Teacher, The Roeper School
      • Tamara Hudson, Special Education Teacher, Ernest May Elementary School
      • Karen Kanwhen, Special Education Teacher, Lewis E. Rowe Elementary School
      • Shweta Khade, Assistant Principal, Fort Bend Independent School District
      • Alexandra Laing, 3DE School Director, Prince George's County Schools
      • Katelyn Leitner-Black, Supervisor of Science Instruction, Suffolk Public Schools
      • Damion Lewis, Senior Administrator of Professional Learning, Wake County Public School System
      • Jatisha "JT" Marsh, HCM Manager III, DeKalb County Schools
      • Eric Porter, Teacher/PLC Lead, Fulton County-Tri-Cities High School
      • Lindsay Prendergast, Professional Learning Consultant, NWEA
      • Keri Taylor, Learning Strategist, Stanford Elementary School
      • Shalise Taylor, Assistant Principal, Suffolk Public School
      • Tiffany Turner Hall, Principal, Leavelle McCampbell Middle School
      • Derek Voiles, Assistant Principal, Lincoln Heights Middle School
      All emerging leaders are enrolled in the program for two years and are invited to participate in multiple opportunities, including attending the invitation-only Leader to Leader convening, writing for ASCD publications, and hosting the ASCD podcast. Emerging leaders are also able to explore several leadership pathways within ASCD; alumni from the program have become ASCD authors, faculty members and board members.
      For more information on ASCD's Emerging Leaders program, visit To learn more about ASCD's other programs, products, services, and memberships, visit

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