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Ann Holm


Ann C. Holm, MS, PCC, CPQC, is a professional certified coach specializing in executive, leadership, and personal development. She is an MBTI Master Practitioner and is known as a thought leader in integrating psychological type theory with other coaching models, including Emotional Intelligence, Positive Intelligence, and Polarity Thinking, where she holds certifications. In addition, Holm has 25 years of experience in applied brain science as a speech-language pathologist specializing in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation. She is a frequent podcast guest and is the author of numerous articles and blogs.

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Classroom Management
Discipline Your Emotions
Jane A. G. Kise
9 months ago

Books by Ann

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Educator Bandwidth: How to Reclaim Your Energy, Passion, and Time

By Jane A. G. Kise et al.


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