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Barbara B. Gaddy


Barbara B. Gaddy is a private consultant and project manager in the field of education. For nearly eight years, she worked at Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), serving as Senior Associate and, later, Managing Editor for REL Publications. Prior to joining the McREL staff, she served as Director of Development Communications at the University of Denver. Gaddy co-authored the ASCD publications Classroom Management That Works: Facilitator's Guide (Marzano, Gaddy, & D'Arcangelo, 2004) and A Handbook for Classroom Instruction That Works (Marzano, Norford, Paynter, Pickering, & Gaddy, 2001). Her other publication credits include Essential Knowledge: The Debate Over What American Students Should Know (1999) and School Wars: Resolving Our Conflicts over Religion and Values (1996). She earned a BS in Marketing Management from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and an MA in Mass Communications and Journalism from the University of Denver. Address: 749 South Vine Street, Denver, CO 80209. Telephone: 303-378-8586. E-mail: barbgaddy@comcast.net.

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