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Dianne Ferguson


Dianne Ferguson (lead author) is a professor in special education at the University of Oregon. She is also director of Academic Support and Student Services in the College of Education. She is experienced at preparing teachers, designing systems that support ongoing school improvement efforts, and managing grants, which requires coordination between universities and public schools. Ferguson has taught classes and provided consultation for general and special educators in Canada, Iceland, India, Denmark, New Zealand, and Finland. Her areas of interest and expertise include issues and strategies for school inclusion for students with disabilities, administrator and teacher support for professional development, and collaboration. Ferguson is an experienced researcher and has published research reports to investigate curriculum decision making, school improvement efforts, general education experiences of students with disabilities, and the experiences of families of students with disabilities. Ferguson can be reached at College of Education, 1215 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1215; phone: 541-346-2491; fax: 541-346-2471; e-mail: diannef@oregon.uoregon.edu.

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