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Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Heidi Hayes Jacobs


Heidi Hayes Jacobs works with schools, organizations, and agencies to create responsive learning environments, upgrade curriculum, and support teaching strategies to meet the needs of contemporary learners. Her models of curriculum mapping and her design and approach to modernizing school ecosystems and learning spaces have been featured in numerous books, articles, podcasts, and software solutions throughout the world.

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Articles by Heidi Hayes
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Prompt Literacy: A Key for AI-Based Learning
Heidi Hayes Jacobs & Michael Fisher
8 months ago

Storyboarding Your Curriculum
Heidi Hayes Jacobs & Allison Zmuda
1 year ago

Streamlined Lesson Planning for Learner Engagement
Heidi Hayes Jacobs & Allison Zmuda
2 years ago

Books by Heidi Hayes

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Streamlining the Curriculum: Using the Storyboard Approach to Frame Compelling Learning Journeys


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