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Janelle Vargo


Janelle Vargo is an elementary intervention specialist for Northridge Schools in Dayton, Ohio.  She has been using Habits of Mind animations and lessons for her students both in the resource room and inclusive classrooms since their creation. Janelle has written lessons and articles for private educational companies as well as consulting with companies and school districts looking to make their interventions simple, efficient and meaningful to children. As a local business owner of Two Birds Artwork which specializes in custom artwork and art classes for kids through adults, Janelle strives to incorporate multi-sensory creative learning opportunities for young students who are often bored and uninterested in school.  She and her husband also run The Athletic Proving Grounds in their hometown which houses workout groups for adults, speed groups for 5th grade and up, and Sport differentiated training for student athletes.  Through these experiences, she seeks to instill a “beyond the test” mentality in her students where they are able to participate in activities that engage imagination, movement, problem solving, and perseverance. She can be contacted at

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10 Reasons to Use Animation in the Classroom
Janelle Vargo
5 years ago

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