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Kristina J. Doubet

Kristina Doubet


Kristina Doubet is a professor in the Department of Middle, Secondary, and Mathematics Education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she has received the Distinguished Teacher Award, the Madison Scholar Award, and the Sarah Miller Luck Endowed Professorship for Excellence in Education. Her research interests include standards-based grading, flexible grouping, integrated ELA instruction, and innovative instruction for English Learners.

Primary Topics

Articles by Kristina
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Instructional Strategies
Reviving Collaboration in Classrooms
Kristina Doubet
7 months ago

Staying Flexible to Stay the Course
Kristina Doubet & Melinda Moran et al.
9 months ago

Empowering Teacher Growth
Joel E. Heckethorn & Michael Giovacchini et al.
2 years ago

5 Components of Blended Learning
Kristina Doubet & Eric M. Carbaugh
2 years ago
Blogs by Kristina
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6 Steps to Warming Students Up to Groupwork
Kristina Doubet
8 months ago

Books by Kristina

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Principles and Practices for Effective Blended Learning (Quick Reference Guide)


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