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Mark P. Foseid


Mark P. Foseid is a private consultant working with schools and districts throughout the country. During more than 30 years in K–12 education, he was an elementary and middle school teacher in all core subject areas, as well as a dean of students, assistant principal, and elementary principal. He has an advanced degree in administration, curriculum, and supervision, and his work centers on the study of learning, with practical applications of the research and strategies supporting student achievement in standards-based systems. Foseid also has consulted educators in the Dimensions of Learning and What Works in Schools programs, standards-based curriculum design, and leadership and organizational development. He received a BS in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and completed a master's program at the University of Colorado. He has industry laboratory research experience and has been recognized by both the Cherry Creek School District and the Colorado Department of Education for excellence in teaching.

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Classroom Management

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