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Pat Burke Guild


Pat Burke Guild is the owner of Pat Guild Associates in Seattle, Washington. This organization trains administrators, teachers, parents, and people in business and other professions to use personal diversity productively in communication, team building, management, teaching, and learning. She is a full-time faculty member of Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University. She has been coordinator of Learning Style Programs at Seattle Pacific University; Director of Education at Antioch University, Seattle; Visiting Faculty at United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya; and an adjunct faculty member of several other universities. She has worked in teacher education and staff development for more than 25 years, was an elementary school principal in Massachusetts, and was a teacher in New York City and Connecticut. She earned her doctorate in International Education and Teacher Education at the University of Massachusetts in 1980. Her dissertation is titled “Learning Styles: Knowledge, Issues and Applications for Classroom Teachers.” She can be reached at Box 99131, Seattle, WA 98199, 206-282-3420 (phone and fax) and patguild@isomedia.com (e-mail).

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