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Shawn Slakk

Shawn Slakk


Shawn Slakk is vice president of operations and senior consultant, Margarita Calderón & Associates, where he and his colleagues train teachers and administrators how to consolidate language, literacy, and content for English learners and all other students. Slakk is coauthor and developer of professional development sessions focusing on whole-school implementation, administrative support, and coaching. He serves as the lead ExC-ELL consultant for the state of Virginia. Recent projects include redesigning ExC-ELL for adult learners, implemented at the Ana G. Mendez University System campuses in Washington, DC, Florida, and Dallas, Texas.

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Empowering Emergent Bilinguals this School Year
Shawn Slakk
4 years ago

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Success with Multicultural Newcomers & English Learners: Proven Practices for School Leadership Teams (Print Book)


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