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ASCD presenter Julian Condie
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Constructing the Innocent Classroom: Dismantling Racial Bias for Our Students

Constructing the Innocent Classroom is a child-specific response to diverse classrooms that is teacher-driven and child-centered. In this foundational workshop series, Julian Condie will introduce participants to a relationship-building process that prepares educators to identify and positively engage each child's essential motivation—their good. This methodology undermines the negative impact that stereotype threat and implicit bias have on teacher–child relationships in the classroom. Thus, authentic relationships between child and teacher based on each child's good become the foundation for increased classroom engagement and academic performance and decreased disciplinary incidents, as well as improved job satisfaction for educators.

Learning Objectives:

Educators will be able to

  • Analyze a student's behavior based on Innocent Classroom's key concepts of innocence, guilt, and good.

  • Apply their knowledge of the Innocent Classroom relationship-building methodology to determine a child's good: "good" being defined as a person's core and essential motivation.

  • Create relationship-building strategies that engage each student's good.

  • Collaborate with program participants and colleagues to refine their strategies and assess their effectiveness.

  • Identify improvements in academic engagement due to the use of Innocent Classroom strategies.


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Who should attend?
Curriculum Director
Department Head
Professional Development Director
Grade Levels
Adult Education / Higher Learning
Elementary School
High School
Kindergarten / Pre-Kindergarten
Middle School
Topics covered
Classroom management
Cultural competency
Instructional leadership
Social-emotional learning
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The Innocent Classroom: Dismantling Racial Bias to Support Students of Color


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