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March 1, 2009
Vol. 66
No. 6

ASCD Community in Action

A New Look for ASCD

  • A new look and feel. More than a dozen main landing pages across the Web site have been updated. A wider screen display, additional visual elements, and less promotional text make browsing easier.
  • Improved search functionality and member login. Search results are returned with better accuracy and a simplified display. A streamlined login enables ASCD members to remain logged in when visiting various areas of the site.
  • More multimedia. New video content provides brief overviews of ASCD programs, products, and services. A monthly podcast series, "The Whole Child Podcast: Changing the Conversation About Education," informs listeners about whole child education polices and practices.
The next phase of ASCD's Web site redesign will focus on developing an online social network of educators. Members and Web site visitors will be able to create online profiles, share and post information, and form online groups on the basis of specific shared interests and goals. Users are encouraged to e-mail ASCD at website@ascd.org with comments and questions about the Web site redesign.

Welcome, Jamaica!

ASCD is proud to announce the Jamaica ASCD Connected Community. In an effort to influence a wider cross section of individuals in the education field, members of the connected community plan to raise student achievement standards by focusing on such key issues as parenting and ensuring effective leadership and management of schools.
ASCD connected communities bring together groups of individuals concerned with improving teaching and learning who wish to align with ASCD. For information on how to start a connected community, go towww.ascd.org and click on About ASCD or contact Scott Fuller atsfuller@ascd.org or 1-800-933-2723, ext. 5463.

Look Who's Blogging

EL Authors

Every month, ASCD's blog Inservice (www.ascd.org/blog) offers multiple opportunities to engage with colleagues around the world over education topics coming straight from the pages of Educational Leadership. Inservice is your place to challenge ideas, share your own experiences, and often, converse with EL authors themselves. Authors Will Richardson, Frederick Hess, and Bill Ferriter have each taken a turn blogging for Inservice, and many more authors will be dropping by in the months to come.

Conference Coverage

Inservice will also bring you detailed coverage of Conference sessions and extend the opportunity to connect with other professionals and share what you've learned.
For those attending the 2009 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, ASCD is offering free wireless access in session rooms and the adjoining hallways in the Orange County Convention Center. And now you can follow ASCD's Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/ASCD) to connect with other educators attending the Conference, get ASCD-specific announcements, and find out the latest ASCD blog content.

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