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May 1, 2014
Vol. 71
No. 8

ASCD Community in Action

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Professional Learning—Courtesy of ASCD

ASCD has a wide range of professional development offerings to meet your every need. Here are some of them:


  • <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/2015-annual-conference.aspx">ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show</LINK>
  • <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/conference-on-teaching-excellence.aspx">ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence</LINK> (formerly the summer conference)
  • <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/conference-on-educational-leadership.aspx">ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership</LINK> (formerly the fall conference)
For a list of upcoming conference dates and locations, visit www.ascd.org/conferences/past-and-future-conferences.aspx.


These one-, two-, and three-day institutes range from stand-alone offerings on the Common Core State Standards to the Pre-Conference Institutes offered at most ASCD conferences.

Capacity-Building Professional Development

ASCD's on-site, online, and blended solutions are differentiated to meet educators' needs. (See "How ASCD Builds Professional Learning.")


To access the more than 70 free ASCD webinars, go to www.ascd.org/professional-development/webinars/ascd-webinar-archive.aspx.

Online Learning.

  • The <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/professional-development/pd-in-focus.aspx">PD In Focus platform</LINK> gives educators online access to ASCD's extensive library of videos demonstrating effective teaching practices.
  • <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/professional-development/pd-online.aspx">PD Online</LINK> offers 90 courses developed by ASCD's authors and experts.
  • <LINK URL="http://www.ascd.org/professional-development/pdquickkit.aspx">PD QuickKits</LINK> are fast, cost-effective digital professional development solutions that target specific topics.
For more on ASCD's Professional Learning offerings, go to www.ascd.org/professional-development.aspx.

How ASCD Builds Professional Learning

In Atlanta, Georgia. In spring 2013, 900 administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders from Atlanta Public Schools embarked on a collaborative effort with ASCD to build a job-embedded professional development system that would deepen educator understanding of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.
A blended professional learning model supports site-based professional development and builds educators' skills in creating high-quality assessments and lesson plans aligned to the standards. The research-based practices that teachers implemented have improved student engagement and achievement.
In Prince George's County, Maryland. Using Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching, ASCD is working with Title I schools to identify best practices in curriculum, assessment, instruction, and professional learning that will ensure teacher growth. Teachers are integrating differentiated instruction practices, demonstration classrooms are helping teachers learn with and from their peers, teachers are using video of their own classrooms to engage in lesson study, and teams are weaving online learning and study groups into their school day.

Attention ASCD Members

Remember to cast your ballot to fill two positions on the 2014–15 ASCD Board of Directors. Go to www.ascd.org/elections and log in with your member ID and password. The election process closes on May 15, 2014.

Nominations Needs You

Are you interested in serving on the 2014–15 ASCD Nominations Committee? Go to www.ascd.org/nominations to obtain the application form and information on the committee's charge, qualifications for service, and time commitment required. Applications must be submitted by May 31, 2014.

Come on (the) Board

Interested in running for a position on the 2015–16 ASCD Board of Directors? The application process opens September 1, 2014. The ASCD Nominations Committee will determine a slate of candidates in early 2015. In spring 2015, ASCD members will vote to fill two positions (four-year terms) on the next board.

New from ASCD

How Teachers Can Turn Data into Action (2014). By Daniel R. Venables. Stock No. 114007. Price: $18.95 (member); $24.95 (nonmember).
West Meets East: Best Practices from Expert Teachers in the U.S. and China (2014). By Leslie Grant, James Stronge, Xianxuan Xu, Patricia Popp, Yaling Sun, and Catherine Little. Stock No. 111012. Price: $19.95 (member); $26.95 (nonmember).

ASCD Joins Instagram

ASCD has joined the social network Instagram. will enable educators worldwide to get a behind-the-scenes look at ASCD.
Instagram users can expect sneak peeks of ASCD events, motivational quotes from ASCD experts, a look inside ASCD's headquarters, photos of past ASCD conference memorabilia, and access to our archive of professional development materials and out-of-print publications. To follow ASCD on Instagram, visit http://instagram.com/officialascd.

Coming Soon: EL's Summer 2014 Digital-Only Issue

The summer 2014 edition of EL on "Making a Difference" will offer readers a thought-provoking mix of articles. See what 10 things will—and won't—make a difference. Discover how schools can cultivate gratitude. See how teachers can hone their leadership skills so their voices are heard. Look for these and other articles in the summer EL, available online June 16.

The Whole Child Symposium: Choose Your Tomorrow Today

This spring, join ASCD for its first-ever Whole Child Symposium, a conversation about what we want for our children's future and what we need for their education today. The symposium, which kicked off in March with a Town Hall Event at the 2014 ASCD Annual Conference, continues through May 2014.
A panel discussion featuring Gene Carter, Andy Hargreaves, Charles Haynes, and Valerie Strauss will take place on May 8 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. This event will be live-streamed.
Four webinars will take place May 14–15, exploring how today's school, policy, classroom, and student decisions affect what our children, societies, and economies will need and become tomorrow.
To learn more, go to www.ascd.org/wcsymposium.

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